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Wednesday, 21 January 2009
African Angels

African Angels seek, receive and allocate sponsorship for the education of disadvantaged children identified as needy and unlikely to receive a continuous and good quality education from early childhood to matriculation, unless sponsorship is received.

African Angels believes that it is through children receiving a good quality, continuous education that will deliver a brighter future for each child, their family, and for South Africa and its people.

Based just outside East London in the Eastern Cape, African Angels was founded in February 2007 by Lou Billett, an Australian traveler, who fell in love with South Africa and its people after traveling through the country for 2 years.

African Angels is an educational sponsorship programme that focuses on partnering with parents, sponsors and members of the wider community to support disadvantaged children through a good quality education from pre-primary to matriculation.

We focus on partnering with parents and carer and developing mutually respectful and long lasting relationships with them, rather than taking a patriachal handout approach.

The project takes a holistic, long term and sustainable approach to the education of each 'Angel' and though only in its 2nd year, there are 23 children already sponsored through African Angels.

The community we work with is located in a peri-urban location and lacks basic infrastructure such as access to drinking water, electricity, housing.

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