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Monday, 04 September 2006

Greater Good SAWhat is GreaterGood South Africa?
GreaterGood SA is a non profit organisation that works to make it easy for South Africans to make a meaningful contribution to development and charity work in South Africa.

Through its website and various public call-to-action campaigns, GreaterGood SA makes it possible for both individuals and businesses to support bona fide non profit organisations in a range of different ways.

We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute towards building a better South Africa for all. Our aim is to help SA citizens and businesses to find non profit organisations whose work interests them, and then we assist these givers in supporting the organisations of their choice in ways that make a real impact.

We have a vision of South Africa as a nation with a strong culture of giving in ways that are thoughtful, purposeful and highly effective.

At the heart of GreaterGood SA is our website that currently features more than 450 Causes - these are accountable non profit and community based organisations across all development and charity sectors. As we grow, we are providing the nation with a bigger and bigger picture of the inspiring work that is being done for the greater good of the country.

How does GreaterGood South Africa encourage more South Africans to make giving a part of our everyday lives?
People like to give; we feel good when we give and experience ourselves making a worthwhile contribution to a greater good. So when we give, we want to know that our contribution actually did made a real positive difference.
At we offer South Africans the opportunity to experience the gift that comes with giving. We use the rich feedback loops that Internet technology makes possible, to report back to donors on every donation that is made through the website. So whether you gave money, eBucks or Amex membership reward points; whether you donated your time or your surplus goods, you can access a reportback from your beneficiary and know exactly how you made a difference in the lives of others. You experience the gift.

How does GreaterGood South Africa help individuals and businesses to give more effectively?
It is important to think about what we give, how much we give, who we give to and how often. Whether you are an individual giver or a corporate giver, GreaterGood South Africa encourages you to think about your giving as a 'social investment'.

Like any other investor, you want to see a good return on your investment. The return on the investment of your time, your money, your eBucks, membership rewards points, your skills or your previously-loved goods can be measured by whether your gift actually improved the lives of others.

Many South Africans would like to give but they have limited knowledge about who to give to and how to give effectively. Through our website and our campaigns, we take a potential giver on a journey that assists them in becoming a highly effective individual or corporate social investor.

What are some of the different ways that people can support the Causes on
GreaterGood SA promotes the idea that effective giving is about more than donations of money. For instance, there are many South African non profit and community based organisations that can benefit greatly from volunteer time and skills, as well as from access to corporate South Africa's expertise and resources.

As an example, an accountant who gives some of her time and expertise to an AIDS orphan care centre so that they can develop a good financial plan is making a wonderful and meaningful contribution that is every bit as necessary and important as a donation of money that funds the feeding scheme at the centre.

It is a great gift to development in South Africa as a whole, when you choose to assist a non profit organisation in being able to operate and deliver their services more effectively.

What it comes down to is that everyone has something of value to give and everyone experiences the gift of giving in different ways. For you that might be the R200 you can afford to donate this month; for me, it might be 3 hours of my time that I invest through a hands-on visit and the sharing of my skills. GreaterGood SA makes these kinds of choices available to South Africans.

What are the GreaterGood South Africa campaigns all about?
The campaigns offer people other ways to connect with and support non profit organisations.

We have a Donate-A-Book campaign that enables people to support literacy programmes from World Book Day in April to Literacy Day in September.

In September each year, the Giving Exchange expos transform our virtual presence into a real-life meeting place where people can find about the wide range of development work that is happening in the country and explore ways that they can support organisations through person to person contact.

In October we encourage individuals and groups of volunteers to give their sweat equity or skills on just one day - Do It Day!

A highlight at the end of the year is our Make Christmas Matter campaign which encourages people to make a contribution to development work part of Christmas giving.

All year round, we have Teachers Dream which helps educators to secure the resources that they need to deliver better outcomes-based education to South African children.

How does GreaterGood South Africa view the role of SA Business in the culture of giving?
There is an ever-increasing demand on the business sector to ensure that their corporate social investments make a meaningful impact. It's not enough to say anymore to say that your company gives. It is becoming increasingly important to report on and show how effective your corporate giving actually is. Triple-bottom line reporting is fast becoming the accepted standard rather than something is above and beyond the call of duty.

This means that corporate South Africa needs to make performance-based decisions about their social investments. Businesses can also enhance their corporate social investment programmes by exploring different ways that they can make a positive contribution - ways that go beyond making donations out of the corporate social investment budget. For example, they can partner with non profit organisations through employee giving and volunteer programmes. They can share their wealth of expertise, resources and surplus goods. Through these kinds of partnerships, businesses can play a vital role in building the capacity of our development sector.

Our Vision
GreaterGood South Africa has vision of a vibrant culture of philanthropy infusing all sectors of South African society ensuring that we are nation of strong, interconnected communities caring well for ourselves, for each other and for the places where we live.

Our Mission
GreaterGood South Africa works to enable the nation to engage with, and substantially support bona fide development organisations in innovative ways that result in the eradication of poverty in South Africa, in our time.

Our Values

  • Systemic-thinking & right action
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Diversity & inclusivity
  • Performance & Impact
  • Kindness & compassion
  • Generosity & gratitude
  • Consciousness & intention

Our Aims:
Greater Good South Africa -
  1. Raises national awareness of, and support for the work being done in South Africa by non-profit development organisations.
  2. Promotes and enables the eradication of extreme poverty in our time through specific public campaigns.
  3. Promotes a vibrant culture of philanthropy in South Africa.
  4. Provides comprehensive information on the objectives, activities and performance of non-profit development organisations including clear information about their needs.
  5. Provides an interactive portal that facilitates innovative ways that businesses and individuals can engage with and support non-profit development organisations of their choice.
  6. Fosters long-term relationships between donors and causes by encouraging and facilitating holistic giving solutions that include donations of money, loyalty rewards points, second-hand good, surplus goods, skills, expertise and volunteer time.
  7. Provides supporters and donors with ongoing feedback of how their contributions make a meaningful impact so that contributors experience the gift of giving.
  8. Provides a full support service to donors including the issue of receipts; issue of tax certificates; collection, allocation and distribution of physical resources; regular narrative and financial report backs.
  9. Provides South African consumers with lifestyle and leisure options that result in direct contributions to the funds of non-profit development organisations.
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