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Thursday, 25 October 2007
Help Develop Grassroots Rugby

The RUGBY 101 Soweto Schools Rugby Project (SSRP) is a youth development programme which uses rugby as a vehicle to develop life skills and aims to promote and develop the game of rugby, and grow the number of individuals involved in the sport, in Soweto. RUGBY 101 believes we can offer the kind of support, mentorship and the necessary rugby and life skills to the youth from this community, to ensure success not only in the game of rugby, but in the game of life as well.

The project allows for nursery, primary and high school pupils from Soweto to enter the formal world of rugby through professional rugby skills coaching and administrative training, together with a life skills programme to further empower them by providing the necessary productive tools to succeed.

The programme started in May 2007 and it is already evident that this is a model that is effective and will produce quality and quantity with regards to rugby talent. Eight SSRP teams - two under 9, two under 11, one each of under 13, 14, 16 and 18 age group teams participated in the nine week 2007 GLRU Junior club rugby league with a great degree of success and it is envisaged that 20 teams from the project will participate next year. At the end of the season two learners won scholarships to top private schools whilst another also won a scholarship to study in New Zealand.

With regards to rugby as a sport, schools in Soweto have been disadvantaged thus far as there is a lack of human and physical resources to ensure that quality training, support and facilities are availed to individuals involved in the sport.  As a result, the number of rugby establishments in Soweto, as well as the number of coaches, administrators and players have remained minimal considering the size of the population of Soweto. Quality training of the aforementioned individuals has already resulted in tangible progress and improved standards in all aspects of the dispensation of the game, whilst accelerating growth of numbers.

RUGBY 101 further aims to close the gap between players, coaches and administrators from previously disadvantaged communities, and their counterparts from the more advantaged traditional rugby entities, by giving all Sowetans a fair chance at the game to be able to compete on an equal footing when vying for higher honours.  The project is also driving efforts to ensure that rugby facilities within Soweto are properly developed over a period of time.

Development Objective
RUGBY 101 through the Soweto Schools Rugby Project endeavours to produce sporting icons and valuable, productive leaders from disadvantaged communities by promoting healthy living, cultivating and propagating the concept of Ubuntu, thus empowering the youth and keeping them gainfully engaged, off the streets, away from crime and substance abuse.

Immediate Objective

RUGBY 101 through the Soweto Schools Rugby Project aims to promote and develop the game of rugby so as to grow the number of disadvantaged individuals involved in the sport in Soweto.

How Can You Help?

Currently there are over 200 learners involved in the Soweto Schools Rugby Project but such is the demand that with increased financial resources over 2000 could be involved.

The project requires financial resources for sustainability and we would be most grateful if your organisation would consider partnering with the Soweto Schools Rugby Project as a sponsor.

Please contact Dali Ndebele on 082 708 0707 or 011 886 5320 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for a full presentation regarding the details of the project. Visit for more information.
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