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Wednesday, 04 February 2009
How Your Generosity Turns Puppies Into Guide DogsBreeding
Our Guide Dogs (mainly Labradors, Golden Retrievers, but also some German Shepherds are bred from specially selected stock  with careful considerations given to the absence of hereditary defects or diseases, temperament, and ability potential. Good breeding stock is an expensive but worthwile investment, and dogs are often imported to strengthen lines.

The SA Guide Dogs Puppy Breeding Centre is in need of extensions to increase our capacity enabling us to produce more guide dogs annually. SAGA is requesting support for this capital project from corporates and private individuals who could assist with a monetary donation. The project is planned to commence in 2009 and SAGA urges people and companies to rally together and support this worthy project and thereby ensure that more visually impaired citizens in South Africa gain independence, mobility and companionship through these remarkable animals

Puppy Raising
This vital formative year is spent in the homes of our volunteer Puppy Raiser families. Here the pups learn basic good manners, obedience, and their confidence in handling any situation that may confront them is slowly built up.

Training The Guide Dog
At plus or minus one year old, the young dog returns to our headquarters where intensive professional training and assessment takes up to the next 12 months.

Training The Owner
Once a waiting client and dog have been paired the new Guide Dog owner will undergo thorough training in preparation for their new life of independent mobility. This takes place at our headquarters and also in the client’s personal environment until both the owner and dog are completely comfortable and confident.

Immediate Aftercare
Easing little difficulties and solving problems continues to be important and regular visits and contact continues, with the SA Guide Dog Association being only a telephone call away when help is needed.

Lifetime Care
We are committed to the lifetime care of all our dogs. If an owner cannot afford veterinary care, we will help. And as the dog grows older it is regularly assessed for potential  retirement, and a new Guide Dog put in its place.

Many Guide Dogs remain in their original home on retirement, but if this isn’t possible, a loving home or return to our centre is arranged for the dog’s remaining days.

The full cost of a Guide Dog presently runs at R10 000 and beyond. With no government funding, we depend solely on the generosity of people who care enough to support our work.

Who Is Eligible For A Guide Dog?
There are only 2 criteria:
  • The person must need one.
  • The person must be physically and mentally able to work with and control a Guide Dog.

Contact Details
SAGAVisit our website at
Or call the Training department at 011-705 3513

Should you wish to donate towards the Puppy Breeding Centre Project kindly contact Noel,Pieter or Ros who will forward the donation forms require on (011) 705 3512

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