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Wednesday, 18 February 2009
I just wanted to share something seen as we seem on the same wavelength this week.... I've always considered myself a healthy eater - lots of green, lots of clean, lots of water, fresh and crunchy makes me and my body happy.

But so do good chocolate, coffee and wine. I'm happy to dip into the good and luxurious things in life, but when it comes to food, the point really needs to be the good quality things.

This revelation happened over the weekend - mid-Nik-Nak! Yes, before you “eeeek”, I agree. What the hell was I doing eating Nik-Naks? And the point is that easy tasty chemical laden 'treats' are just too damn easy to come by.

Why would we knowingly poison our bodies with things that we know are a cause of many of the nasty lifestyle diseases around?  Let me tell you, I put the other half of the chip back in the packet and chucked them in the bin at the next stop.

I realised in that moment that over the last while, I'd been feeling stressed, tired, lethargic and had been constantly on the go. So grab-and-eat foods had been seeping into my life more and more. Yuck! In that moment I abolished all chemicals from my diet. That doesn't mean that good yummy foods can't feature, it's just opting for good quality coffee rather than instant rubbish, real chocolate - not 80% sugar - and fat and sulphur-free wine. It's not a major adjustment to make, it's just eating with consciousness. It's Thursday now and I feel on top of the world, back full of energy and lust for life.

Thanks again for a brilliant newsletter and website. Take care and see you for a glass of water sometime!

Leigh Stefanski

I think that, as you said, the most important thing is to eat with consciousness. Don’t have a chocolate, Coke and packed of chips for lunch, just because that’s what the office vending machine offers. It’s so easy to get caught in that trap, but also so easy to bring some lettuce leaves and a chicken breast into the office for your lunch. And then, if, one day, you really do feel like another packet of Nik-Naks, you can have one, with the knowledge that your body is ready to deal with the toxins that you’re introducing.

But I always find that once you get into good habits, they become self-fulfilling, and you stop wanting to eat the things that poison your system in the name of “treats”.  

Well done with your revelation, and good luck keeping up your resolution. – Georgi (a fellow chocolate lover)
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