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Wednesday, 11 February 2009
I worked for a newspaper in Kroonstad. I moved there to be with my future wife, whom I married during the time I was there. After working at the newspaper for a year and a half, I discovered it was going to be dissolved.

Being in an Afrikaans town and being terrible at Afrikaans made it difficult to find a job in the town.
The job with the newspaper as a Layout Artist was ok – I could manage the Afrikaans, as most of it was already typed out or written for me.

When I discovered the company was going to be dissolved, I really hadn't any clue of what I should do.
I meditated that night while I was looking out the window at a full moon. I will never forget that moment, looking at the moon with tears in my eyes. Being a man I probably shouldn't disclose that.

The next day I had a great idea and emailed newspapers around the country that I was looking for a position as a Layout Artist and told the story around the paper being dissolved. I had a very positive feeling about what I was doing.

I came to Johannesburg, where I had two interviews lined up. I got both the positions and decided to take the best one, which offered the most and was in a better part of Johannesburg. I worked there with newspapers and magazines for nine years eventually I realised it was time to move on.

After a little meditation feeling wonderfully positive, I was granted two interviews. I didn’t get the first one , but the second one was at the company where I still work today – a much better position than the other.

I am now in a beautiful part of Johannesburg. Driving through these streets makes me realise how lucky I am. I have been working for a wonderful company for eight months, and I am in awe of how meditation has helped me.

When I don't meditate, I find myself being very negative and find life difficult – even in traffic. When I do meditate the taxis don't bother me and everyone around me even seems to be in a better mood, I'm sure they can see the positivity in me.

I hope you enjoyed my life changing experiences.

Richard Winterton

Thanks for writing in Richard. It’s great to hear how the kinds of practices that we preach on Harmonious Living are enriching the lives of people out there every day.  I hope you continue to be satisfied and rewarded by your new job. - Georgi

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