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Wednesday, 11 February 2009
I have been married to the same wife for 35 years now. She is a wonderful women with one major thing that annoys me. I am a person who likes an orderly life with everything in a place, so that if I want it in six months’ time, I can remember that I put it in the hall cupboard.
My wife gets this thing called “nesting” by you at the age of 54 without being pregnant. She decides that this item that was always in the hall cupboard should be put into one of your plastic boxes in the garage, Oh yes she also itemizes all boxes, but when you are looking for box of staples you could have to go through five boxes to get to said item.
I then have a fight with my wife and she gets upset with me. Then, when I least expect it, she puts my staples back in hall cupboard, but because she needed to put her favourite machine where the staples were, she puts them on the top shelf, so the search starts all over again
Why do I not work with her to overcome the frustration? Well we both work shift work and very seldom have enough time to tackle major items as a team. I am not the only member in my family that has this problem – my two daughters felt the same way when they lived with us. They have now grown and left home, leaving my wife more time to ponder on ways to move the duplex around.

Allan stagg

Your story made me laugh! I’m glad that even with these frustrations, you can still admit that your wife is a wonderful woman after 35 years. If I may offer a little advice, if there really isn’t enough overlapping time in your life for you to tackle tidying up projects together, perhaps you could discuss a system with her. If she wants to put a box of stuff in the garage, ask her to leave it in the lounge for a couple of days first, so that you can go through it. Suggest this when you are both in a good mood, rather than when you are cross because you can’t find something, and she’s defensive because she knows she put it away. To prepare yourself for that discussion, you can read the article on communication that appears in this week’s newsletter. Good luck! - Georgi

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