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Beautiful Me - Interview with Alan Glass, Ed Jordan, Paul Choritz
Beautiful MeCeri Balston caught up with Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz, the team behind the highly successful children's music series "Beautiful Creatures", to find out what we can expect from their latest release, "Beautiful Me".
Q&A with Steven Henson
Steven HensonSteven Henson, author of 'The Unity of Being', answers questions about his life, his search for the truth and how his book came to be written.
Soul Circle - Mandy de Waal
Soul CircleHarmonious Living spoke to Mandy de Waal founder of SoulCircle. Through this business she strives to improve human and business performance through knowledge, wisdom and experience.
Lion Heart Project
LionThe Lion Heart Project was founded to empower people with the understanding of their relationship with the wilderness, to encourage them to become thoughtful, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens and to assist people to discover, through animal assisted therapy with Lions, their true power and potential as human beings.
Florian Kroll - Open Synergy
Florian KrollHarmonious Living spoke to Florian Kroll, a sustainability expert. He has created Open Synergy to help clients develop sustainable lifestyles that generate optimum vitality and cultivate healing ecologies.
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