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Friday, 25 November 2005

Florian Kroll in the Nautilus, his adobe and cob house

Harmonious Living spoke to Florian Kroll, a sustainability expert. He has created Open Synergy to help clients develop sustainable lifestyles that generate optimum vitality and cultivate healing ecologies.

What is your business about, what are you trying to achieve?
Inappropriate lifestyles contribute to the greatest problems humanity faces today - in economy, health care and environment. Open Synergy's goal is to help clients develop sustainable lifestyles that generate optimum vitality and cultivate healing ecologies. With this in mind, Open Synergy provides training and information that links ecology, permaculture, urban agriculture, exercise, breathwork and martial arts, nutrition, plant-based health management, earthbuilding, and sustainable resource use.

What are your plans for the future of your business?
I am currently developing an urban sustainability centre as a venue for lifestyle training and for the development of appropriate technology. We are constructing an experimental earthbuilding of adobe, cob and strawbale, using ecological design. The venue will be developed as an urban permaculture system with a focus on medicinal plants. Open Synergy will continue to provide consultancy and facilitation services to community projects and sustainability ngo's and will expand its scope to address the needs of corporates and private clients.

What is your background?
I have always had a deep respect for the grandeur and wisdom of nature. My involvement with the martial arts and with eastern philosophies has showed me the importance of perseverance and the power of yielding to nature, using synergy to turn challenges into opportunities. Since childhood, I was fascinated by herbs. A strong interest in sustainability and its relationship to history and culture prompted me to study anthropology, with a focus on ethnobotany and permaculture.

What motivates you?
My basic motivation is to reduce suffering and leave the earth a healthier and more joyful place than I found it. I realise that on my own, I cannot make a great change. The greatest change I can make is by working in synergy to transform the lives and visions of others. To do this I need to live healthily, in line with my vision and in harmony with the abundance of nature, to keep an open mind, and to share the insights gained.

What is your greatest challenge?
Apart from sustaining my self, my vision and lifestyle, the greatest challenges I face are to work patiently with myself and others, to communicate clearly, to remain open and sensitive to other perspectives and needs, to remain humble enough to acknowledge mistakes and change my approach when necessary.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
To be alive today, living a life of my choice, in line with my vision, in pursuit of my passions and the goals I have set myself.

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