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Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Steven HensonQ. Please tell us a little about your background and how you came to your turning point in your life?

I was born in England but spent 3 years (between the ages of 3.5 to 6.5) living in a small mining village in Brasil. As a child I fell in love with Brasil, the countryside and its people, and to me these were magical days which I never forgot. Shortly after returning to the UK my mother died of complications following childbirth. Her death was a terrible blow for all my family, including myself, and it left me with an immense awareness of the impermanence of human life and started me questioning what was meaningful in life.

When I left school I did a number of jobs. It was whilst doing voluntary work that I met someone with experience of emotional therapy. I listened to what they said and decided to try this. For 2 years it was a very important for me as I came to terms, internally, with my mothers death and the events that followed this. This therapy ultimately led to my asking the therapist "Am I the result of all the emotional experiences of the past or is there more to me than this? Who am I anyway?" The answers they offered me did not convince me that therapy could in fact resolve the question "Who am I" and I decided it was time to look elsewhere. I was fortunate then to meet a Zen Buddhist who showed me how to meditate and from there I started my search for the Truth in earnest.

This search led me to many different places, including spending time with the man whom I regard as my mentor, Bulent Rauf, who died in 1987. 14 years after Bulent's death I was confronted with severe health issues and it was the process of resolving these, with the help of a healer (Kelvin Heard), that my life was completely turned around.

Q. In your biography, you mention that you were "brought face to face with The Truth". What does this mean?

It means exactly what it says. There are many other words that can be used to describe the experience but they all mean the same as the words I have used. Each person who makes this breakthrough is brought to It by the Grace of God alone. It is not something that we can do for ourselves - though we are required to commit wholeheartedly.

Q. The potential for reaching out and finding Union with the One, the direct vision of God's consciousness of Himself, is in each and every one of us. Please can you elaborate on this?

The potential for realising the Truth is in each and every person (see Genesis 1.27 - below). This implies that we are all unique expressions of our Source (God). This magnificence is inside us IN POTENTIAL - but it is up to each person to consciously and deliberately choose to activate this potential. No person can make another person realise this, each of us has to want this for ourselves.

Q. "The purpose of all mystical and religious lore is to bring Man to awareness of, and intimacy with, his Origin. This is the root of Identity and the well-spring of Compassion". Please can you tell us more about this?

The purpose of religion is to bring Man to the Truth - this truth is the subject of all mystical and religious writings and is aptly summed up in Genesis "So God created Man in His own image" (1.27). This is the Unity of Being - and means we are not separate or removed from our Source / Origin (i.e. God). In our ignorance we have assumed an Identity that believes itself to be separate from our Source. This can be seen as an illness called illusion - and all religion and mystical writings have been sent by our Source to remedy this illness. Such teachings are in fact the expression of Compassion (Mercy) that the Source has for all Its creation and they are like lessons from THE Great Teacher which, if we learn them well, will enable us to overcome the illness - and become free.

Q. Please tell us how one gets to realize one's (self) potential, and how are we able to tap into our inner being?

Firstly we should appreciate that this vast universe and all that we call creation has come about from a primordial fireball (known as Big Bang) with such precision and finesse that even the most dogmatic of scientists is forced to speculate about the existence of an underlying intelligence at work in the Universe. When we can appreciate this we must also appreciate the incredible beauty and dignity of the human being and the world in which we live. Take all this to heart and contemplate the good in life.

Then we should come to know that it is the One God that is worshipped in each and every religion and by all different peoples throughout the ages. It is His good pleasure to be known in these many different ways and we should appreciate this and understand that the Truth is far bigger than we can imagine!

We then want to go beyond these momentary contemplations and find a route to consciously and deliberately cultivate closeness to our Source. To achieve this we should take the counsel of Jesus ("Seek and ye shall find, knock and a door will be opened for you") or the Prophet Mohammed ("Seek for the means to take you to Him"), for example, and wholeheartedly look for the right way to for us to move forward - in complete trust that help will come from our Source.

We must be diligent, watchful and intelligent in our seeking and great care should be taken not to fall into dogma or small minded thinking. We must have humility, patience and resolve to walk the path to Truth knowing that our efforts are known and appreciated by our Source every step of the way. We must never lose the sense of wonder in life.

Q. Your book is entitled 'The Unity of Being" - have you always written or did this happen after your ill health?

I have never written a book before and I am amazed that I wrote this one! I actually wrote the first ten Chapters before I fell ill and completed the book after I was established on the road to recovery.

Spirit Sundae TV Programme, South Africa, Channel SABC1 - This programme was broadcast live on 4th June 2006. The above are written responses to points raised by the programme's researchers beforehand.

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