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Discovering Health
Reflex-O-BoardBeing retrenched at age 57 was not a comfortable situation. Especially when it is badly handled. Having to undergo two major knee-operations at around the same time did not improve my situation either. Especially when arthritis set in. I guess the 'universe' was determined to test my endurance – and teach me a few lessons! And it did!
The Start of Something New
The Start of Something NewAfter much internal deliberation and many hours sitting around thinking on the eternal questions of the universe, being life the universe and everything. I came to many an epiphany and most of them were "all roads lead to Rome". If you are at this point frowning and thinking I am a total and utter loon, stick with me for a second.
Business in Society - Part One
Business in SocietyIt is overdue that we start to examine the real behaviours of Business. First what is the real role of Business in our lives? Second – and this question is intimately linked with the first - how does Business utilise its only real asset. What does it really do with the asset that is always off-balance sheet, its people?
The Healing Power of Raw Food
The Healing Power of Raw FoodOur lives turned upside down one morning in 1987 when our 12-year-old daughter, Emily, displayed flu symptoms. But this was a flu that didn't go away. After a month a doctor decided she probably had ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). Friends and family constantly passed on possible treatments and finally we heard of a clinic that was having success with M.E. It sounded very strange to us: fasting and eating only raw foods but we were beyond desperate by that stage. What happened after was a miracle.
My Search For Joy
Search For JoyI realize the first thing to do is acknowledge how many things I manage to complete. However if I am able to complete 9 out of 10 things, the 10th thing is always the one that gets noticed, or becomes critical? I theorise that it is because everything I do is critical. My list of things to do loom before me as Table Mountain would, if I were to climb it in my present physical condition.
I Slowed Down Today
Slow DownI slowed down today. I stopped in the midst of the insanity around me, the insanity inside me and listened. I listened beyond the harshness of the false air I am made to breathe in. I listen beyond the screaming phones, the fast, irate footsteps. The soft ruffles of the straight, starched suits of the people that walk by. I listened.
Brands Name Parents
Brand BabyThere is one thing, which I notice more and more with these families from Suburbia, something which distresses me. A pram no longer appears to be a device used for transporting a young child from point A to point B. Oh no, a pram is now so much more than that!
Unleash the Power Within
UnleashWhy, with the mental and spiritual strength we have, as leaders in this race of survival, do we fail to unleash our power within? In this article Laa'iqah encourages us to fulfill our potential.
Finding the Lion Heart
Finding Lion HeartEarlier this week I was invited to join Gail Kleinschmidt on one her animal assisted therapy sessions at the Lion Park, north of Johannesburg. It was an extremely powerful and moving morning and one that I shall always remember.
Dalai Lama Dreaming
His Holiness the Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama is one of the world's great spiritual leaders. Mandy De Waal writes about her experience of hearing him talk in Soweto and the deep impression he left upon her.
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