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Albany Goes Biodegradable

Albany Goes BiodegradableAlbany, South Africa’s largest supplier of bread, has made a commitment to reducing landfill by introducing biodegradable packaging for its products. The company is also running a competition to inspire children to be more environmentally aware.
It Ain't Easy Being Green
It Ain't Easy Being GreenBuying hybrid cars and local foods isn’t enough to make a difference to the impending environmental catastrophe. We have to make a conscious decision to radically change our lifestyles, which raises the question of what’s really important to us, anyway.
Interview with James McCullum – Carbon Ethics
Interview with James McCullum – Carbon EthicsCarbon Ethics helps South African companies to reduce their carbon footprint, and then helps them publicise their efforts. Managing director, James McCullum talks to Harmonious Living about why planting trees isn’t all that beneficial, and why South Africa is poised to take advantage of solar energy.
Eco Tourism
Eco TourismThe words "Eco", "Eco Friendly Holidays", and "Eco Tourism" are rapidly becoming the current buzzwords in the holiday travel industry. Sunny Jones explores this growing industry and suggests some ways we can all enjoy green travel.
Go Green - Body Beautiful
Go Green - Body BeautifulThe popular brands and manufacturers in the beauty industry rarely feature environmental responsibility and ethical concerns in their philosophy or practices. If you want to be a conscious and conscientious consumer then here are some tips to help you.
Off The Grid For 5 Years
Off The Grid For 5 yearsWith load shedding hitting many parts of South Africa the phrase “I want to go off the grid” is being heard more often, but to do so is a big challenge. In this article Dr Garth Cambray looks at a little house which has been off the grid for its whole life of five years.
Your Carbon Footprint - Check the Labels
Your Carbon Footprint - Check the LabelsThe easiest way to become a green shopper is to just say no. There is temptation at every turn in every mall, and the internet has made shopping from home more convenient than ever, but every product sold has an environmental price as well as a financial one.
Wind Energy - Myth Busting
Wind Energy - Myth BustingA wind turbine, the modern equivalent of the windmill, uses the wind's energy to generate electricity. Many myths surround the implementation of wind energy as a viable source of electricity, here are some of the more commons ones.
SA Businesses Learn How to Go Green
SA Businesses Learn How to Go GreenLast month saw the first Green Business Conference and Exhibition where delegates learnt how they could green their businesses and stay competitive. Here's a brief overview of a few of the themes that were discussed that you might find useful in your business.
The Glass Recycling Company - An Interview with Shabeer Jhetam
The Glass Recycling Company - An Interview with Shabeer JhetamCeri Balston met up with Shabeer Jhetam, General Manager of The Glass Recycling Company to discuss how South Africans can get involved in recycling their waste glass.
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