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Green Backpacking
Green BackpackingToday, backpacking is more than just a luggage choice or a mode of travel: backpackers are now seeking authentic experiences. Backpacking has become a rite of passage for young travellers on their road to a fuller understanding of the world beyond their country's borders.
Your Carbon Footprint - Habits to Make Your Appliances More Efficient
Your Carbon Footprint - Habits to Make Your Appliances More EfficientDid you know that the habits you've adopted when using household appliances can have a dramatic impact on their efficiency. Learn how and what to change to help reduce your household's carbon footprint.
The Four Goals of Green Architecture
The Four Goals of Green ArchitectureGreen Architecture is a growing trend throughout the world but what are principles behind it and what options are available to architects and home owners to make their buildings truly green? David Lark explains everything you need to know.
What if the Climate Crisis was World War III?
What if the Climate Crisis was World War III?Imagine Churchill and Roosevelt discussing our climate crisis. At some point Franklin says to Winston: "This is the Third World War. We had better mobilize our countries and allies into action!"
Fuel for Thought
Fuel for Thought - image by Jusben (MorgueFile)People around the world are ditching non-renewable petroleum-based fuels for biodiesel, a renewal fuel which has the potential to revolutionise the world we live in.
Fashion Goes Green
Carbon Free - CocoCarbon d’Afreeque is South Africa’s “e-mission” statement to making the planet a cleaner and greener place, in style. Carbon d’Afreeque is a line of high-end eco-pieces made from recycled PVC billboard skins. Before being incinerated or dumped into landfills, these skins are intercepted and transformed into unique designer and utility pieces, in the shape of a sexy clutch, a day-trip shopper bag or even a laptop sleeve.
Saving Paper in Your Office
Saving Paper in Your OfficeDid you know that the pulp and paper industry is the 5th largest industrial consumer of energy in the world? So it makes sense then to try to not only recycle our paper but also to try to use as little of it as possible. How does the company you work for rate on the paper scale? And what can you do start saving paper in your office...?
Helpful Hints on Teaching Your Kids About the Environment
Helpful Hints on Teaching Your Kids About the EnvironmentOur hopes are on our children. To be able to leave them some legacy of Mother Nature and the environment, we need to educate them about what an important task we have on hand. Raising their awareness about environmental issues and their impact on global warming will help them to understand the urgency and need to act now.
Brew it Yourself - Biodiesel
Brew it Yourself - BiodieselThere's a lot to be said for the great feeling of independence you'll get from making your own fuel. If you want to make it yourself, there are several good recipes available for making high-quality biodiesel. It's all quite simple really, thousands of people are doing it, very few of them are chemists or technicians, and there's nothing a layman can't understand, and do, and do it well. But there is quite a lot to learn. We've tried to make it easy for you.
Living Buildings
Living Buildings - Moving from Ego-Centric to Eco-CentricI recently read "Living Buildings" an article by Jason McLennan. It was inspiring and touched my heart. He used the metaphor of a tiny flower living on a very exposed sand dune. He describes this tiny little plant eking out an existence in very harsh conditions. It had evolved perfectly to suit its environment, while at the same time enriching it, retaining soil, providing habitat and storing rainwater as needed. The perfect metaphor for the building of the future.
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