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Running Low on H2O
Running Low on H2OOf all the water on this planet, 97.5% is in the oceans, 2% is frozen, three quarters of a percent is in the ground as groundwater, and a mere quarter of a percent makes up our surface water. The rest is in clouds and living organisms. So there is not much water available for us to live on. All 6 billion of us humans, all the trees, animals, and the rest of life that make up the biosphere and keep natural biological functions working have to make do from the less than one percent that is available.
A New Global Warming Strategy
A New Global Warming StrategyGlobal warming poses one of the most serious threats to the global environment ever faced in human history. Yet by focusing entirely on carbon dioxide emissions, major environmental organizations have failed to account for published data showing that other gases are the main culprits behind the global warming we see today. As a result, they are neglecting what might be the most effective strategy for reducing global warming in our lifetimes: advocating a vegetarian diet.
Sustainable Hemp
Sustainable HempThere is a great need for an alternative to deforestation, harmful farming practices and crude oil. Hemp is the one plant which can replace most raw materials in a sustainable way. True Hemp or Cannabis sativa has served mankind for thousands of years and materials made from hemp have been discovered in tombs dating back to 8000BCE.
Recycling Plastics is Easy
Recycling Plastics is EasyHave you ever noticed the little recycling icon (with the number in it) on the plastics containers you throw out? This lets you know that you can recycle it. With this guide you'll be able to tell the difference between the huge myriad of plastics that you'll come across everyday, and also find out how they are recycled.
Top Ten Emerging Environmental Technologies
Top Ten Emerging Environmental TechnologiesWasteful energy policies, overuse of resources, water supply shortages, global climate change, and deforestation are just of the issues experts say need to be addressed for humans to achieve sustainable living on this planet. We look at ten technologies - some old, some new, some a bit offbeat - that might help make the future a little brighter.
Sustainable Architecture
Sustainable ArchitectureWe are surrounded by technical innovations - in our cars, our communications, and our computers. Yet our largest lifetime purchase, our house, is built essentially the same as it was eighty years ago. Fortunately, this is about to change - the result of the emerging new practice of Sustainable Architecture.
Practical Tips for Greener Driving
Practical Tips for Greener DrivingHow you drive and take care of your vehicle affects its fuel economy and emissions levels. Follow these simple driving tips to reduce the environmental impact of you car today.
A Guide to Green Cars
A Guide to Green CarsWhat makes one car greener than another? Certainly, having high fuel economy is one factor. Meeting one of the cleanest exhaust emissions standards is another. Being manufactured in a clean factory with safe, non-toxic substances, or using a larger portion of recycled materials, are further aspects of environmental friendliness.
Driving for Change
Driving for ChangeYou don't have to start riding a tofu-powered lawn mower to help save the environment. There are plenty of simple things you can do that will help clean up the air - and save you a few bucks.
Eating Meat: is it Sustainable?
Eating Meat: Is it SustainableAlbert Einstein once said: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." We don't think he was just talking about nutrition. This article puts the issues of heath, nutrition and animal rights to one side to point out that on ecological and economic grounds alone, meat-eating is now a looming problem for humankind.
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