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Unconventional Power for an Unconventional Country
Unconventional Energy for an Unconventional CountryLife in rural Africa has never been easy. Living "out in the sticks" (as we comfortable city dwellers fondly call it) is hard work. There is no water on tap; there is no lighting or electricity available at the flick of the switch. But what if there was a simple answer that could generate free electricity from our own bodily wastes - bring in the Biogas Digester.
Alternative Energy for Your Home
Alternative Energy for Your HomeThe earth receives radiant energy from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves, which the sun continuously emits into space. This energy can be tapped indirectly as wind, biomass and hydroelectric power, and directly as solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic). Paul Henderson explores what options we have to use this 'alternative' energy in our homes.
20 Ways to Help Save the Planet
Help Save the PlanetWe all know about the planet's problems and the majority of us would like to do something about it, but where to begin?! Here's a list of really simple ideas to get you started.
EbikeProbably one of the most environmentally friendly transport options around this electric bike puts the fun back into cycling. You needn't have the physique of Lance Armstrong to once again enjoy simple pleasure of riding, just sit there and let the bike do all the work.
Grease Car"When my fuel gauge starts heading for the red, it's not a petrol station I start looking for, but a fast food restaurant!" Matthew Quinton has converted his Toyota Landcruiser into a CO2 neutral and zero emissions "green" car.
Smart ForTwo
Smart For TwoMy quest for eco-friendly transportation continues this week with a fabulous little wonder - the Smart ForTwo. Probably one of the most recognisable vehicles on our roads at the moment this head-turner packs a far bigger punch than its modest size suggests. Big things do come in small packages.
Toyota Prius
PriusThe Prius is the result of 30 years of research and development towards Toyota's ultimate goal - the totally emission-free vehicle. Paving the way to that objective, the Prius is the most eco-friendly, mass-produced car on the planet with a string of accolades and 'firsts' to its name.
How Green Is Your Car?
GwhizSoaring oil prices and concerns over the environmental impact of car emissions is surely going to bring about a huge change in consumer preference when it comes to choosing a new car. But what are the options available to us now, what information is there, and what does the future hold?
Addicted to Big Energy
Big EnergySouth Africa is very "lucky" to have some of the cheapest electrical power in the world. I put the lucky in parentheses because this luck is a double-edged sword. We pay far less for our power than consumers in most other nations yet our electricity is some of the dirtiest in the world and our per capita greenhouse gas emissions rank amongst the highest in the world.
Tapping into the Sun
SunIt's completely and utterly amazing how much energy the sun produces, for example did you know that each day more solar energy reaches the earth than the total amount of energy that our planet's 6 billion inhabitants can consume in 25 years! And yet amazingly the amount of energy we actually harvest from the sun and use compared to other non renewable sources is a measly 2%.
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