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The Mystique of the Bonsai
The Mystique of the BonsaiBonsai trees have always held a fascination for me. Their cultivation first began in China more than a thousand years ago and the techniques at that time were rudimentary until it caught on in Japan. There it was taken to a new level, taking on an art form that also incorporated their philosophy of harmony between man, the soul, and nature.
Saving Money Tips - Grow Your Own
Saving Money Tips - Grow Your OwnWe all enjoy the taste of good quality fresh fruit, veggies and herbs and we all know that often by the time our produce reaches the stores it is often days / weeks / months old. We also know that the cost of buying these items just seems to keep going up and up and up. So how about considering growing some for yourself?
Top 10 Tips on Growing Herbs
Top 10 Tips on Growing HerbsGrowing herbs is such a wonderful hobby - these extraordinary plants can spice up our food, beautify our garden, scent our homes, and some can even deter pests and have healing power. Want to start your own herb gardening right away? You may find the following tips helpful.
Xeriscape Your Garden
Xeriscape Your GardenXeriscaping is a form of gardening that was designed for dry areas where watering can be a challenge. By spending some extra planning time choosing the specific plants and garden design, you can conserve water and save time on maintenance.
Creating the Perfect Garden Using Feng Shui
Creating the Perfect Garden Using Feng ShuiPeople who practice Feng Shui put a lot of energy into creating welcoming spaces for positive energy in their homes, but the garden is often neglected. Here are the basics of getting a garden in order to improve your outlook and your life.
For Better Tasting Food, Grow It Yourself
For Better Tasting Food, Grow It YourselfWe all know the benefits of growing our own vegetables – a reduction in food miles and pesticides and an increase in nutrients and flavour. But the idea of getting started with a veggie patch can seem overwhelming to the novice. This outline of how to manage a vegetable garden is a practical user’s manual to a “GIY” vegetable garden.
Gardening Tips for November
Gardening Tips for NovemberSummer has arrived, with glorious hot days seeing flower beds flourishing. Make the most of the long days and outdoor weather by getting a bit of earth under your nails and you’ll see the rewards.
Gardening Tips for October
Gardening Tips for OctoberCome October, and summer is well under way, with the occasional cold snap still making an appearance. There’s lots to be done in the garden, tending vegetables, herbs, lawns and flowerbeds. Harmonious Living brings you monthly gardening tips to help you plan your gardening activities.
Good Reasons to Garden in Winter
Good Reasons to Garden in WinterIf your garden is looking completely colourless after pruning the roses, why not dip into the housekeeping budget and splurge a little on colourful plants to cheer up the winter garden.
Bugs That Eat Bugs!
Bugs that eat bugs!Stop pests the organic way by introducing insects that eat other insects, but don’t harm the plants on which they live, into your garden.
How to Make a Mulch Pile
How to Make a Mulch PileWith increased emphasis on recycling papers, metals and plastics, many households are left with a bin of organic waste. Making a compost heap is the obvious solution, but it’s not as simple as merely thowing the stuff in a corner and leaving it to rot. Here’s how to make a mulch pile.
Indigenous Gardening - Prepare Your Bulbs For Spring
Indigenous Gardening - Prepare Your Bulbs For SpringSpring is the most beautiful time of the year and if you want to have a garden that comes alive from August now is the time to plan and plant it. Instead of opting for the traditional daffodils and primulas consider using indigenous bulbs and their companion spring flowers.
Don't Panic - Go Organic
Don't Panic - Go OrganicWhat does it mean to go organic in our garden? It’s about using our common sense, and working with nature, and employing environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly cultural practices, it’s how we understand the ecosystem of our garden.
Planning Your Successful Herb Garden
Planning Your Successful Herb GardenDidi Hoffman of Bouquet Garni has developed a step by step process for the SA Herb Academy's crash-course, “Planning and Planting A Wildly Successful Herb Garden" and here is the “Reader’s Digest’ version of that course.
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