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Top 10 Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers
Top 10 Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers - image by clix ( are endless symbols used in Feng Shui that have been proven for centuries to enhance wealth, money, fortune and prosperity luck. They range from pots to frogs, crystal trees to ships. Here are the top ten most popular symbols.
2 Easy Feng Shui Tips for Zesting Up Your Home or Office
Two Easy Feng Shui Tips for Zesting Up Your Home or Office - image by dleafy ( two easy Feng Shui tips are special because they have the ability to heighten the positive energy in your living spaces now and into the future for all who enter and spend time there. So find out how to perform a 'Chi check' and look out for poison arrows by reading on.
Feng Shui - Clearing Out the Clutter
Feng Shui - Clearing Out the ClutterAre you drowning in your clutter? Does your home or office feel depressing? Is there an overload of things that need to be repaired, put away or organized? Those who have a cluttered environment often feel overloaded with things to do, are stressed out and have problems completing projects. Does this sound like you?
Cleanliness is Next to Healthiness and Greeniness
Cleanliness is next to Healthiness and GreeninessWe expose ourselves and the environment to a great deal of harmful chemicals every day, simply by cleaning the house. Fortunately, there are cheap alternatives for those who want to minimise this exposure.
Being Green at Work
Being Green at Work You're starting to become more aware of what you consume and throw away. You’re recycling at home and now you would like to try it at the office. More offices, schools, and municipalities are becoming aware about recycling so your co-workers and bosses should be receptive if you suggest a recycling plan at work. Here are 10 suggestions that you can easily implement at the office to help the environment.
Roofs Gardens for Greening the Environment
Roofs Gardens for Greening the EnvironmentWe've all heard of slate roofs, tiled roofs even thatched roofs. But green roofs? Thousands of square metres of otherwise redundant space can be planted up to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, insulate our buildings and more.
Top 10 Hazardous Household Chemicals
Top 10 Hazardous Household ChemicalsIt's amazing just how many harmful and dangerous chemicals we use on daily basis to keep our homes looking spick and span. Air fresheners, carpet shampoos, furniture polish, even flea powder and lice shampoo, all contain chemicals that can be dangerous to our family. Here are the Top 10 Hazardous Household Chemicals that you need to be aware of.
How to Have a Safer Home
How to Have a Safer HomeWe all are concerned about our health and that of our family. We all tend to be concerned about the environment, which is being damaged beyond repair. What, you may ask, can one person do to reverse this? Actually, quite a lot - but usually, we do nothing. Not because we don't care, but because we are not always sure of what to do. This guide will help you.
Vaastu - The Indian Art of Placement
Vaastu BedroomVaastu is an ancient science of placement and design that was developed in India more than 3,000 years ago. It is a practice that guides the design and construction of buildings in harmony with the natural laws of the universe.
Space Clearing Your Home
IncenseSpace clearing is the art of harmonising spaces by removing negative energy and replacing it with positive, vibrant and revitalising energy. It is very easy to do and you can do it without any special tools or equipment. Learn how to do it yourself in this article.
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