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Theresa Crabtree   
Thursday, 17 September 2009
Feng Shui - Clearing Out the ClutterLook at the state of affairs of the place where you spend much of your time. Is it cluttered? Is it immaculate? Is it full of useless items? Is it decorated to impress others rather than yourself? The space you have created outwardly is a mirror reflection of what is going on in your inner being.

Are you drowning in your clutter? Does your home or office feel depressing? Is there an overload of things that need to be repaired, put away or organized? Those who have a cluttered environment often feel overloaded with things to do, are stressed out and have problems completing projects. Does this sound like you?

The good news is that cleaning up the outer clutter will help you to gain more control of your life. At the same time, taking control of your schedule by reducing the amount of time spent doing things that don't ignite your passion will free up time to attend to the physical cleaning that has been put on hold.

An environment filled with things a person loves, creates a peaceful environment. It is difficult to maintain a sense of balance when one walks into a room full of clutter. So, where do you start?

Look around your home, what is there that you no longer use? Take time to look at every object, every picture on the wall, as well as the dishes in your cabinet. As you look at each object, notice if they bring up any memories. If these memories are not positive, then consider removing the item from your home or changing the energy surrounding the object.

As an example, let's say that you received a gift from someone you are no longer on friendly terms with. Every time you notice this object, it stirs up the anger or hurt you feel towards that person. What an opportunity to acknowledge your feelings! How will you choose to face this issue? Perhaps you will attempt to amend the friendship. Maybe you will decide to look at the past situation in a different light allowing yourself to release the feelings of negativity. You may choose to sell or give away the object because it does not bring you joy or because it serves no function.

Do this with all the things you own, including your clothes. If the object brings up negative emotions, look at the reason it evokes this emotion and begin the healing process. Weed out things you do not like or no longer need. Watch the magic unfold as you release these items. This level of de-cluttering will deeply affect your inner being, for at the same time, you will be cleaning out negative emotions that have been swept under the carpet.

Pay attention to what you bring into your home. Are you a packrat, finding it hard to say no to anything offered to you? Look at the reasons behind this behavior. Are you a shopaholic, not able to turn down a bargain? Do you shop as a means of medicating emotional pain? Go deep within and find what you need to get beyond these behaviors.

There is much you can gain by following some of the basic principles of "letting go," simplicity, and placement of objects. These are the basic premises of the eastern art of feng shui (fung sh-way).

Look around your home with new eyes. These principles apply to your vehicles and storage units, as well. If the work sounds too tedious, begin small, perhaps with your kitchen junk drawer. If you have difficulty with self-motivation, consider hiring the services of a professional organizer.

Take the necessary steps to get your inner and outer world under control. Lighten up and enjoy your space in joy!

Theresa Crabtree's passion is to help those seeking self-empowerment and desirous of making changes in their dietary habits. For related information or to view excerpts from her newest book, please visit: This article may be reprinted if used in its entirety and with the author information attached.

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