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Baby and Toddler Food Diary
Baby and Toddler Food DiaryThis book encourages you to cook nutritious food for your baby at home rather than consuming readymade meals in jars.  The recipes and stunning photographs will inspire you to get into the kitchen even if you’re more domestic disaster than goddess.
Outliers – The Story of Success
Outliers – The Story of SuccessWhy do some people achieve so much more than others? Can they lie so far outside the ordinary? What is the secret of their success? In an age when so many believe that we can achieve everything that we desire Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ provides invaluable insight into the phenomenal success of others.
ChocolatThere are many chocolate books on the market but never have I come across one that so shamefully exhibits the tempting and delicious lure of this humble little bean. The countless pictures almost melt from each page and invoke all the senses required to bring them to life.
Food GLorious Food
Food GLorious Food by Patrick Holford and Fiona McDonald Joyce'Food GLorious Food' is a book for everyone who loves fresh, inspiring and delicious food – but wants to stick to a healthy diet. Contrary to popular belief, the two are compatible – you can have your cake and eat it! And this book proves it with a range of mouthwatering recipes to delight even the fussiest eaters.
The Full Circle
The Full Circle by Dave VartyPart memoir, part motivational manifesto, The Full Circle is the passionate, hopeful and often humourous story of leading South African conservationist Dave Varty.
Slow Food Bible
Slow Food BibleSlow food is about rediscovering the joyful reverence of cooking that not only nurtures the body and soul but also bonds people together. This book shares some delightful slow recipes which you can then take the time to enjoy sharing with friends and family.
Ban the Plastic Bag - A Community Action Plan
Ban the Plastic Bag - A Community Action PlanThis little pocket book is a call to action, sharing the knowledge of campaigners like Rebecca Hosking who are fighting to make their towns, villages and streets plastic bag free. An inspiring and very practical read this book gives you the tools, information and confidence to make you sit up and take action.
Review: The Reflexology Bible
The Reflexology BibleThe Reflexology Bible isn’t a tool for those who want to become overnight feet-rubbing whizzes. But for those with the time to read through the chapters and get familiar with their bodies and their feet, it provides a brilliant foundation in this relaxing and healing therapy.
The Trouble with Physics
The Trouble with Physics The 'Trouble with Physics' attempts to deconstruct the state of modern physics. Not a light read, this book should appeal to those who wish to know their dynamical triangulations from their loop quantum gravity.
Money Alchemy
Money AlchemyDespite its title, this book is about so much more than simply making money and is also the first book I’ve read on this subject that takes a holistic approach to wealth creation. Perhaps it’s because Kiki Theo, being a South African author, takes a typically no-nonsense approach to the subject.
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