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Reviewed by Lenny Balston   
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

By Annabel Karmel

Baby and Toddler Food Diary This book encourages you to cook nutritious food for your baby (and the rest of your family) at home rather than consuming readymade meals in jars.  The recipes and stunning photographs will inspire you to get into the kitchen even if you’re more domestic disaster than goddess.

The introduction to the book covers information on healthy eating, food allergies and a handy table with your baby’s daily nutritional requirements which is useful when planning your baby’s meals. The other five chapters of the book comprise of; Feeding You Both, Starting Solids: 6-9 months, Older Babies: 9-12 months, Toddlers: 12-18 months, Fussy Eaters: 18-36 months.

Feeding You Both covers the importance of a mother’s nutrition during breastfeeding, something which is often overlooked as moms go back to their pre-pregnancy diet after months of abstaining from alcohol and other vices.

The chapter on starting solids provides information on when you can introduce gluten, honey, nuts, milk, eggs, fish and cheese to your baby’s diet. There are ‘fill in’ sections for planning your meals, where you can make notes and record your baby’s reaction to the various recipes (which make up the bulk of the book).

This book, like many others on the subject of weaning onto solids, suggests a programme of introducing foods slowly each week and gradually increasing to more solid meals. What is lacking is what you should do when things go pear shaped (pun intended), when your little angel refuses to eat at all, or any of the other problems that parents encounter and things just don’t go according to plan. Do you stop feeding? Do you continue with the programme for week two? Do you need an intervention?

Feeding infants and toddlers is often not child’s play. New parents encounter many difficulties getting to grips with raising their babies. As a first time mother of 8 month old Mika I found this book useful as a quick reference but found that the weaning program did not work for us and so I looked elsewhere for other methods that were more suited to Mika and me.

Annabel Karmel’s, Baby and Toddler Food Diary is beautiful to look at. It is filled with photos of inspiring recipes and toddlers happily stuffing their faces all looking clean and angelic or artfully messy. It would be nice to see the messy kitchen table, floor and exhausted parents covered in lovingly prepared food while baby tries out the spoon for size as his latest toy or Mummy-beating device.

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