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Reviewed by Harmonious Living   
Friday, 09 December 2005
Author: Mitchell Beazley & Catherine CummingColour Healing HomeThis book is about the use of colour in the home to improve your well-being. It explains the colour wheel and supporting hue, how colour effect the chakras as well as which colours should be used together.

The bulk of the book is dedicated to the various colours, which have been divided into moods; energizing, uplifting, balancing, refreshing, calming, meditative, romanic & grounded. The images are fantastic and give a really good idea of how you can incorporate colours in innovative ways, even if you're the type that prefers white walls.

This is however where the book got a bit confusing for me. The reds are for example are then called vivid reds,smooth claret, hot spice, and so on which I just found a bit difficult to keep track of. It also makes putting any of the suggestions into practice a bit more daunting.

On the whole the book was inspirational with some practical ideas.
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