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Friday, 27 January 2006
Author: Helen FosterDetox Solutions, 14 Plans to Detox your LifeNow when I hear the word "detox", I immediately picture a highly interesting diet of water, carrots, water, juices (if you're lucky), starvation, oh and some more water. It sounds dull, painful and something that I will only approach as a last resort or maybe as part of a particularly stupid bet. That is until I read this book by Helen Foster and discovered that there is far more to detox and that it needn't be as painful and boring as I first thought.

The book starts off gently by reassuring the reader that yes "exposure (to toxins) is inevitable", that "ready-meals exist and that sometimes it's fun to go out and drink too much." Phew!

Two key sentences that also stood out for me in the intro were that this book; "works with your body to fight against toxic attack" and "show(s) you how to tackle toxins so they cause less damage; or should you decide you want to eliminate them completely, how to do so without losing your mind or the ability to live a normal life".

This introduction, apart from its reassuring approach is also very informative. In its forty or so pages it includes sections on; types of toxins and their effect on the body, how the body detoxes naturally, what happens to your body when toxins build up, how diet and toxins are related, using exercise in detox, external detoxing (such as body scrubs and massages), using aromatherapy (including 10 detox oils), and using supplements to help in the detox process. The very last section in the introduction covers the possible side-effects that you might experience during detox although, again rather reassuringly, it does say that "all the unpleasant symptoms you normally get when you're on a detox programme probably won't appear if you follow the advice in this book". I found this introduction very helpful and it covered each section in just enough detail that I felt informed without being overwhelmed.

Ok, now the meat of this book (I'm sure I didn't come across anything banning this completely although it did suggest cutting out red meat) are the 14 Detox Plans. These are, and I'll list them all because I don't think there's anyone who'll look at all of them and think "I don't need that!";
  • Lighten-up plan
  • Anti-pollution plan
  • Decaf plan
  • Sugar-busting plan
  • Stress-busting plan
  • Pre-party plan
  • Hangover plan
  • Stop smoking plan
  • Energizing plan
  • Good health plan
  • Weight-loss plan
  • Beauty-boosting plan
  • Anti-cellulite plan
  • Live longer plan
That's a pretty comprehensive list which I think covers pretty much every possible toxic situation that we may encounter in our lives. I mean I'd love to bust my stress and sugar habits, look more beautiful, loose some weight and hey live longer as well, who wouldn't?

Each of the plans includes similar elements; a brief introduction, recipes and a plan of action. The lighten-up plan is suggested as a good place to start for an overall general detox solution and even worthwhile doing for a few days before moving onto one of the other plans. It is described by the author as a "plan for those post-Christmas feelings... or the week of your birthday... when, if you see another chocolate cake, you'll explode."

This particular plan includes a daily routine, including stretching exercise whilst still in bed (sounds appealing!) and a comprehensive suggestion of meals (with recipes).

I'm impressed with this book and although I have to admit that haven't tried one of the plans yet I'm encouraged enough by what I have read to at least try the lighten-up plan, in fact I would go as far to say that I'm rather looking forward to it. If you feel that you could benefit from any of the 14 plans detailed in this book than I recommend that you go out and track it down and get ready to detox!
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