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Reviewed by Ceri Balston   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Author: Susannah Blake

Juices & Smoothies GaloreI don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to get the juicer out from the back of our kitchen cupboard, give it a dust down and get it fired up again. Maybe the hot weather triggers some kind health kick gene that tells my body that its time to discover a new level of healthiness. Who knows…?

We all know about the five fruit and veg portions a day recommendation but I wonder how many of us actually manage to achieve this on a regular basis. And we probably also know that juices and smoothies are a great way to pack these daily requirements into our body. But what often seems to happen, despite our good intentions, is that we just simply run out of ideas and combinations and it just becomes a little bit repetitive. Packed with well over 110 recipes this is where Juices & Smoothies Galore comes to the rescue, and I’ll think it take a long time for anyone to tire of trying these fruity and veggie concoctions!

Now, I always thought that I was quite the adventurous type when it came to food, especially juices, but this book has opened up my eyes to a whole new range of exciting flavour combos. Have you ever tried broccoli in a juice? Watercress, avocado, or sugar snap peas perhaps?

This all might be sounding a bit healthy and ‘green’ but there are other more indulgent and slightly wicked smoothies to try as well. The book is conveniently divided so you can find what you’re after quickly with sections including; The Juice Boost, Vital Veggies, Breakfast Blends, Smooth & Creamy, Frozen & Iced, and finally Naughty But Nice.

The recipes themselves also come with some funky names that just make you want to get chopping and whizzing. Try Galloping Garlic, or Broccoli Space Rocket, Jumping Ginger Juice, Mellow Morning, Boozy Festive Smoothie, and finally one of my favourites, Chocolicious Kahlua Brownie Milkshake - chocolate, brownies and alcohol all in a smoothie, what more can you ask for!

One of the juices that I particularly enjoyed was The Big Beetroot Booster, with ginger, beetroot and orange, which as promised did give me a massive kick start to my day (and probably resulted in me getting this review finished in record time). It was pretty intense, sweet and zingy, and packed full of vitamins and nutrients I could feel its health benefits coursing through my body almost immediately.

Apart from the extensive range of recipes there’s also a handy section at the start of the book which coves the basic equipment you’ll need to get started, tips on using the ingredients at their optimum ripeness, and general (but very useful and important) juicing tips that will have you experimenting with your own flavour combos in no time.

I declare the juicing and smoothie season to be open!

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