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Juices & Smoothies Galore
Juices & Smoothies GaloreMaking juices and smoothies is a simple, fun way to get your daily requirements of five fruit and veg for a super-healthy, super-fresh and ultra-delicious diet. Packed with well over 110 mouth-wateringly delicious recipes Juices & Smoothies Galore is the perfect place to look for inspiration.
Meals in Minutes & Starting From Scratch
Starting From ScratchSharon Glass is a South African celebrity Chef who focuses on seasonal eating using only the freshest ingredients. Her new series aims to help those who don’t have the time for drawn-out cooking, or those who don’t even know how to “cook an egg”.
Green Babycare
Green BabycareWe all know by now the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra but how do we apply these rules when bringing a new life into the world; after all babies can be the biggest consumers of “throw-away” products in any family. This book provides an impressive range of answers.
Train Your Brain - 60 Days to a Better Brain
Train Your Brain - 60 Days to a Better BrainDo you forget people’s names, how to spell words, or struggle to express your thoughts? Do you wish to develop your creativity, memory skills, communication skills, and to slow the mental effects of ageing? Then look no further than Dr Kawashima’s book ‘Train You Brain - 60 Days to a Better Brain’.
The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook
The Fairtrade Everyday CookbookWow! What a fantastic book! Not only are the recipes contained in this book completely delicious but they also highlight the importance of being a conscious consumer, with at least one of the ingredients or flavourings in each recipe carrying the Fairtrade label.
The Unbelievable Truth - A Medium’s Guide to the Spirit World
The Unbelievable Truth - A Medium’s Guide to the Spirit WorldThe subject of ‘death’ and ‘what comes next’ is probably one of humanity’s greatest mysteries. The many questions that are brought up by this subject are what internationally acclaimed medium Gordon Smith seeks to answer in this book.
Family Guide to Complementary and Conventional Medicine
Family Guide to Complementary and Conventional MedicineThis must-own guide to family healthcare provides insight into solutions offered by different approaches to medicine, from allopathy to alternative healing, so you can make informed decisions about which route to take for your family.
Five Wishes - How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True
Five Wishes - How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come TrueIn his thirties, Gay Hendricks received the gift of a conversation that changed his life. At the heart of that conversation was a certain question, and answering it gave him a life blessed with love, happiness and wealth, a life in which all his dreams came true. In his book, ‘Five Wishes’, Hendricks shares that question and shows us how it impacted his life.
The Road
The RoadAn apocalyptic view of a post global warming future this hauntingly beautiful novel will chill you to the core. The story revolves around a father and son making a long arduous walk along a seemingly endless road searching to escape the nuclear winter that has engulfed a now lifeless planet.
A Thousand Paths To Confidence
A Thousand Paths To ConfidenceConfidence is one of those attributes that everyone wants to have an unfailing abundance of but for the majority is often lacking from time to time. This book aims to give its readers a lift, to help you tap into the confidence already within you, and to help you become the person you always wanted to be.
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