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15 Minute Everyday Pilates
15 Minute Everyday PilatesIn today’s fast paced world finding the time for the exercise that know we need to do is becoming increasingly difficult, but here’s a solution - ‘15 Minute Everyday Pilates’. In this book and DVD Alycea Ungaro sets out four routines that can be fitted into 15 minutes a day.
The Riches Within - Your Seven Secret Treasures
The Riches Within - Your Seven Secret TreasuresDr John Demartini begins this book by telling us that we all possess seven secret treasures, incredible riches that are already within us, that when uncovered will shine so brightly that who you are will be emblazoned on the heart of the world and even beyond.
Stress Relief To Go
Stress Relief To GoThis little book is packed full of information on how to tackle stress with virtually every one of the hundred and thirty odd pages giving tips, ideas, tools and stress busting solutions. If you’re looking for lots of simple and natural ways to combat stress then this book is for you.
The Holford 9-Day Liver Detox
The Holford 9-Day Liver DetoxIn The Holford 9-Day Liver Detox, international bestselling author and nutrition expert Patrick Holford uses scientific findings to show you how to detoxify your body in nine days. If you want to lose weight, boost your energy levels and become clear headed then this book is for you.
The Boxed Garden
The Boxed GardenFrom the title you may be thinking “I don’t have a boxed garden, so is this a book for me?” Well although it’s is geared towards the small garden, the concepts covered are just as valid for a small area of a larger garden, so don’t worry, you will find it useful.
Crystal Love
Crystal LoveWhether you want to find your dream lover, make yourself irresistible or heal a broken heart, this book will show you how to use the unique power of over 100 crystals to enhance every aspect of your love life.
Nutrition for Life
Nutrition for LifeWe all know that our lifestyle and what we eat can influence how we feel, our resistance to infection, and our risk of developing serious diseases. There’s plenty of informationon the subject but it can often be overwhelming and confusing, “Nutrition for Life” makes it all clear.
A Slice of Organic Life
A Slice of Organic Life“Everybody can have a slice of the organic life” is the claim made by this delightful book. From the urban townhouse/apartment dweller to those with gardens “A Slice of Organic Life” is packed full of practical projects and tips to get you making small but significant changes in your life.
The Atlas of Sacred and Spiritual Sites
The Atlas of Sacred and Spiritual SitesThe Atlas of Sacred and Spiritual Sites explores places of mystical power from around the world. From the dramatic Marian shrine of Rocamadour in France to the mysterious megaliths of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis, this book examines both ancient and contemporary sites.
True Green: 100 Everyday Ways You Can Contribute To A Healthier Planet
True Green: 100 Everyday Ways You Can Contribute To A Healthier PlanetOk, so you know that you need to get involved in the 'green' movement and do your bit for the environment, but where do you start? This book is packed with 100 simple ways to get you going.
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