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My Mother, Myself
My Mother, MyselfIf I saw this book in a bookstore, I probably wouldn't have bought it, but when it was suggested for our book club, I jumped to vote for it. The only other Nancy Friday book I've read is 'My secret garden: women's sexual fantasies', and I loved the way Nancy gave a voice to women. She certainly impressed me, so I knew that Mother would be the perfect, meaty, full-of-issues book to discuss at our all-girls' book club.
Healing Teas from Around the World
Healing Teas from Around the World - Sylvia SchneiderTea drinking has been practised throughout the world for hundreds of years. From the imperial court of ancient China to the Russian tea room, from the Japanese tea ceremony to British village teashops, the soothing, healing and invigorating effects of tea have been appreciated and understood by many people.
Gardening with Keith Kirsten
ImageGardening with Keith Kirsten is an illustrated and practical guide that allows gardeners of all levels of expertise to enjoy this rewarding activity even more - whether they have spreading hectares or merely a few square metres of garden soil at their disposal.
The Illustrated Enyclopedia of Divination
The Illustrated Enyclopedia of DivinationLavishly illustrated throughout, this authoritative and beautiful guide is a unique historical and cultural record of the way we imagine our destiny, with practical instructions on how to work with various divinatory systems. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with what the present holds and what the future could bring.
365 Ways to Change the World
365 Ways to Change the WorldI've been waiting for a book like this for ages, something that is packed full of ideas to help me try to make the world a better place without it feeling political or feeling like I'm being preached to. Nope, this is plain and simple stuff and none of the ideas seem too daunting or overwhelming and all simply make sense.
Vegetarian Express
Vegetarian Express - Rose ElliotRose Elliot has created more than 100 healthy recipes, for instant energy and vitality throughout the day. The quick, clear and simple recipes include Porcini Risotto; Honey-roasted Aubergines; Chickpea Balti and Stickey Ginger cake. This lively, up-beat cookbook shows just how pleasurable and healthy vegetarian food can be.
The Artist's Way
The Artists' Way - Julia CameronHave you ever longed to be able to draw or paint, write or compose music? With The Artist's Way you can discover how to unlock your latent creativity and make your dreams a reality. This international bestseller is one book that everyone who wishes to discover their full artistic potential should read.
A Masters Course in Feng-Shui
A Masters Course in Feng-ShuiThis fully-illustrated, systematic course for home study is designed primarily for home owners, business owners, architects, and interior designers who want to put feng-shui to personal use - to choose a home, build a house, select an office, or find a retail space.
The Healing Energies of Trees
The Healing Energies of Trees - Patrice BouchardonI love being outdoors and immersed in nature, there's something so calming and balancing about the whole experience, and so I was really intrigued by this book. I'm pleased to say that it gave me the tools to explore my experiences further.
Miracle Soups - Over 70 Recipes for Great Health
Miracle Soups - Over 70 Recipes for Great HealthThe winter chill seems to be arriving all too quickly this year and so it's time to look out for new recipes that will not only warm our cockles but keep the traditional bouts of cold and flu at bay. Miracle Soups, with its seventy delicious and nutritious recipes, provides the perfect armory in this battle.
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