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The Power of Now
The Power of Now - Ekhart TolleOne of the priceless gifts of this book is to help reveal the innate intelligence that resides within every single one of us. Tolle shows us how to quieten the mind and to allow that intelligence to express itself.
Aura Awareness - What Your Aura Says About You
Aura Awareness - What Your Aura Says About YouThis book, compiled and edited by Lindgren and Baltz, contains a collection of articles about auras. I was really hoping that studying this book would help me to finally see them but I was disappointed when I reached the end as I found that I still didn't have the tools and techniques that I was looking for. Despite this I did find it an interesting book and thought that on the whole it was well written and very readable.
The Organic Garden Book
The Organic Garden Book - Geoff HamiltonWhether you want to grow better-tasting fruit and vegetables untainted by chemicals, find natural methods of pest and weed control, or create a garden that is safer for your children, pets and wildlife, The Organic Garden Book is your practical, easy-to-follow guide to gardening with, rather than against, nature.
Eating for Health: Foods that Heal
Eating for Health: Foods that Heal - Nicola GraimesRecipe books are two a penny these days so it's hard for any publication to stand out from the crowd. This particular book is presented as being a healthy food cookbook and contains fifty "wholesome and delicious" recipes. It is also packed with information on using food to combat illness and promote health.
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair - Pablo NerudaIf you're stuck for inspiration this Valentines Day then I'd highly recommend discovering the gentle, sensuous words of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. This collection has been revered throughout the world and remains to this day a best seller.
Detox Solutions, 14 Plans to Detox your Life
Detox Solutions, 14 Plans to Detox your LifeThis book presents the reader with a variety of plans to help tackle the harmful toxins that our bodies try to process everyday of our lives. It includes plans for giving you more energy, quitting smoking, getting rid of cellulite as well as many more.
The Handbook of Ayurveda
The Handbook of Ayurveda - Dr Shantha GodagamaThis book sets out to make Ayurveda relevant, understandable and available to Westerners and to a large degree I believe that it succeeds. The book is also very readable and is packed with information on the Verdic principles and how to change ones lifestyle accordingly.
The Gaia Natural House Book
The Gaia Natural House Book - David PearsonThis book is one of the classic guides to creating a natural, healthy home based on sound environmental principles. It is both practical and inspiring and a great source of information for anyone who is interested in making their home a little "greener" or is looking to make their home a more pleasant place in which to live.
Sex Death and Enlightenment
Mark Matousek - Mark MatousekSex Death and Enlightenment makes an impact not so much for scintillating style - but for a good story honestly told. Now that the self-help genre has become so commercialised it's refreshing to come across a book that doesn't try too hard.
I Want My Life Back
I Want My Life Back - Steve HamiltonSo, what's a health-conscious teetotaler like you or me to learn from the memoir of a rampaging drug addict? LOTS. I like Steve Hamilton. Steve comes from that halcyon South African era... Botha, Biko, Cruywagen; Dallas, Dynasty, Dagga; Rabbit, Rothmans, Rhoodie.
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