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Colour Healing Home
Colour Healing HomeThis book is about the use of colour in the home to improve your well-being. It explains the colour wheel and supporting hue, how colour effect the chakras as well as which colours should be used together.
Home Spa Vitality
Home Spa - VitalityThe home spa is definitely one of the hottest trends at the moment, which is evident by the increasing number of beautifully packaged products competing for our attention. Of course this is no surprise with the kind of hectic lifestyles we lead.
The Crystal Bible - A Definitive Guide To Crystals
The Crystal Bible - A Definitive Guide To CrystalsThis book is a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colours and applications. It covers all the major stones currently available and many lesser known, recently discovered crystals, in all there are over two hundred. It is beautifully illustrated, presented in a directory format and contains all the information you need to start benefiting from the power of crystals.
Space Clearing
Space Clearing - Denise LinnThe sub-title of this book is "how to purify and create harmony in your home", and I'm pleased to say that is exactly what this book teaches. If you want to learn how to space clear your home - this book is fantastic.
Sacred Earth Sacred Stones
Sacred Earth Sacred StonesThis is a wonderful coffee table book full of stunning pictures and detailed information about some of the world's most sacred places. The authors have tried to combine readable highly detailed research in the form of essays with a very reader friendly layout, unfortunately is doesn't always hang together.
Finding Your Own North Star
Finding Your North Star - Martha BeckThe goal of this book is to help you work out what you really want out of life and how to achieve it. Martha Beck draws on the experiences of her clients to help you the reader.
Conversations with God, Book One
Conversations with God - Neale Donald WalshThere was alot of hype around this book when it came out - so I resisted reading this for a long time. When things died down a bit I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. This book took me by surprise. It was not all what I expected.
Seven Days to a Magickal New You
Seven Days to a Magickal New You - Fiona HorneThis book guides you day-by-day on a week-long journey of magickal transformation. With each day ruled by a different planet, this little gem is packed with fun and practical suggestions, from making a dream pillow to decorating your own altar. It includes daily rituals, how to make elixirs and other potions, and more.
The Alchemist
The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoThis was one of the most inspiring books that I have ever read. Paulo Coelho's formula is simple; easy to read story telling combined with a powerful message. With this he has found incredible international success selling over 20 million copies of this book alone worldwide.
Be Your Own Soul Doctor, Ten Ways to Heal Your Spirit
Be Your Own Soul Doctor, Ten Ways to Heal Your SpiritThis book reveals ten ways to experience the power of your spirituality, helping you to read the hidden messages of the mind and body. It introduces a variety of different topics including; the power of breath, auras, chakras, crystals, healing, the pyschic internet, the inner child, karma and reincarnation, and the body mind link.
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