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Reviewed by Angus Douglas   
Friday, 23 December 2005
Arthor: Mark MatousekMark Matousek's Sex Death and Enlightenment lives up to its title. Matousek has grown up in a female dominated household where sex is sordid. He becomes a rent boy; but with an uncanny knack for survival finds himself a rich boyfriend who sends him to college. He discovers a talent for writing and sets off to New York to become a journalist. After a successful career working for Andy Warhol's publication Interview, Matousek decides there must be more to life than celebrity obsession and 16 hour work days. His decision to opt out is made easier by his HIV diagnosis.

And that's where the Enlightenment comes in as Matousek searches for meaning in his impending death. Sex Death and Enlightenment is a worthwhile read for anyone on a quest for meaning, or simply on the lookout for an uplifting and well written book about one person's journey to wholeness.
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