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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Author: Jonathon Hilton

Stress Relief To GoThis little book is packed full of information on how to tackle stress with virtually every one of the hundred and thirty odd pages giving tips, ideas, tools and stress busting solutions. If you’re looking for lots of simple and natural ways to combat stress then this book is for you.

‘A stressful life?’ is the first chapter of the book and begins by looking at the root causes of your stress. It then goes on to tackle the lifestyle changes, such as fitness, diet and time management, that should you be considering to give yourself long term solutions to managing your stress levels.

The morning routine is usually conducted on autopilot with little attention paid to giving yourself the best possible start, the second chapter ‘Starting Your Day’ sets out to put this right. Visualisation instructions to be used before sleep, stretching routines after waking (we’re pleased to see that you can do these in bed), meditation techniques, yoga poses and a breakfast checklist feature here.

The next chapter ‘Stress Free Travel’ will resonate with many South Africans and looks at ways in which to deal with the stresses of the daily commute as well as the discomfort of air travel. We were a bit disappointed by the brevity of this chapter but I guess that apart from deep breathing, visualisation and listening to calming music there is little one can do when stuck behind the wheel.

The penultimate chapter, ‘De-Stressing the Working Day’, encourages the reader to take control of stressful situations and change our attitude towards them. Simple Feng Shui principles to help organise your work space are suggested as well as some excellent techniques for relieving headaches, eye strain as well as back and neck strain. We thought the tips for preparing for an interview or meeting were particular useful as were the suggestions for dealing with a ‘difficult colleague’.

‘Social and Family Life’ is the final chapter in the book and starts by looking at how to stress-proof your home. It tells us that our home is our haven from the world, somewhere to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day, if you’re thinking “not mine” not then there are plenty of suggestions on how to make it so. Again Feng Shui, and especially the principle of no clutter, is briefly covered before looking at stress-proofing tools such as candles, incense, bells, wind chimes and smudge sticks. Some more yoga poses are recommended as a way to unwind from work, one of which was the corpse pose which at first may seem a bit drastic but upon further investigation is a very effective way of relieving tension in the whole body.

What we particularly enjoyed about this book is that not only is it completely packed full of tools, tips, ideas, exercises and techniques to help you cope with and reduce your stress but that they were all so simple, quick, easy and accessible. It doesn’t feel like dramatic lifestyle changes are needed but it rather gives you the confidence that the answers and solutions are just five minutes of effort away.
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