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Classical Atmospheres
Classical Atmospheres - A Collection of Sensual Chill-Out ClassicsHow many times have you found yourself spending your evening watching pointless TV, only to then end up going to bed neither relaxed nor satisfied that you’ve made positive use of your time? With this DVD of Classical Atmospheres you might just find the perfect remedy.
Ambition to Meaning
Ambition to MeaningIn this stunning new movie from Hay House, Dr Wayne Dyer explores the spiritual journey in the second half of life when we long to find the purpose that is our unique contribution to the world.
WaterThe movie ‘Water’ explores the notion that water has memory, and can recall the entire history of the world. Whether the investigative methods are actually scientific, or more spiritual, the movie teaches us a whole lot more about something we are surrounded by and which makes up a large portion of our own bodies.
Fast Food Nation
Fast Food NationBased upon Eric Schlosser’s non-fiction book ‘Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal’, this film uncovers the sordid world of one of capitalism’s ultimate achievements, the fast food industry.
The Happiest Baby on the Block
The Happiest Baby on the BlockIn the Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr Harvey Karp, noted pediatrician and child development expert, reveals the amazing secret used for centuries by the world’s top baby calmers – the calming reflex. This reflex is the “off-switch” for your baby’s crying.
Cool Earth - Carte Blanche
Cool Earth - Carte BlancheThis DVD contains a collection of inserts from Carte Blanche’s ‘Cool Earth’ episodes that were broadcast on MNET at the end of last year. Each investigative story showcases some of the crises that we face regarding climate change and global warming.
There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every ProblemA DVD recording of a live lecture by Wayne Dyer shows that since all problems are a form on energy, solutions can be found by applying a higher energy to a particular challenge.
The 11th Hour
The 11th HourThe 11th Hour, a powerful documentary film narrated and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a call to arms urging humanity to take action before it's too late. Our planet is facing the point of no return and this film describes how we got here and what we can do to change our course.
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Who Killed the Electric Car?This is a remarkable documentary film that leaves you feeling angry and amazed at how such an obvious solution to so many of the world's problems (global warming, Middle East unrest, rising oil prices and pollution) was ruthlessly crushed by big business and government.
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