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Reviewed by Ceri Balston   
Wednesday, 04 March 2009
Ambition to MeaningIn this stunning new movie from Hay House, Dr Wayne Dyer explores the spiritual journey in the second half of life when we long to find the purpose that is our unique contribution to the world. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society, which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation, are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

The powerful messages and ideas in Ambition to Meaning are presented through the intertwined lives of an overachieving businessman caught up in the pursuit of material wealth (Edward Kerr), a mother of two young children seeking her own expression in the world (Shannon Sturges), and a film director (Michael DeLuise) trying to make a name for himself. The stories were very engaging and easy to relate to, indeed each of them trigged a “yes, that’s me” moment, and I’m sure that everyone watching it will be able to identify with the characters.

Wayne Dyer, playing himself in the movie, shares his wisdom during his interviews with DeLuise’s character in the making of his latest movie. These thoughts and ideas are then carried through into the other stories that are woven into the movie. The intimate nature of these ‘interviews’ creates the effect of allowing you to completely engage with Dyer and it somehow feels that you are the one asking the questions and that his responses are meant for you. This is certainly Dyer at his best.

All too often, as people approach the ‘afternoon’ of their life, they feel dissatisfaction with what they’ve achieved, leaving a sense of unfinished business and not having achieved their soul purpose. In Ambition to Meaning Dyer explains why this happens and then seeks to stimulate the inner reflection to set you on the path to fulfilment.

Simply put this is a truly stunning movie of the highest quality. The acting and script is first class, the production magnificent, the location and music breathtaking – it all makes for very compelling watching.
Ambition to Meaning is the kind of film that with every viewing will trigger some new thought, stimulate a different reaction, and is guaranteed to always inspire. Definitely one to add to your collection...

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