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Reviewed by Ceri Balston   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Classical Atmospheres - A Collection of Sensual Chill-Out ClassicsHow many times have you found yourself spending your evening watching pointless TV, only to then end up going to bed neither relaxed nor satisfied that you’ve made positive use of your time? With this DVD of Classical Atmospheres you might just find the perfect remedy. Cancel the soapies and instead spend an hour listening to some of the best chill-out classics whilst watching some truly stunning visuals.

The music in the DVD features the standard classics you’ll find on any classical chill-out collection, with composers like Grieg, Dvorak, Mozart and Vivaldi, accompanied by some more modern composers such as Karl Jenkins and Parton (“I will always love you”, made famous by Whitney Houston).

But it’s the visuals accompanying the music that in my eyes make this a really valuable product. Who, apart from the most hardcore urbanite, doesn’t love to get out into nature? I for one love taking a walk, or even just going for a drive out of into the countryside, there’s nothing quite like it for de-stressing and feeling connected again, it’s a very healing experience. But all too often we find we don’t have the opportunity to take that walk or go for that drive and the sense de-connectedness starts to overwhelm us again. With this DVD and its breath taking videos of majestic forests wrapped around snow-topped mountains, meandering bubbling streams, gentle waves washing up on sun soaked beaches, glorious sunset skies and magical misty mornings, you have the opportunity to take a virtual step back into nature.

Each of the tracks is around five minutes in length, so just enough time to rediscover your centre, if not, just keep  the DVD playing onto the next track. You can also easily select the tracks you like the most or find the most effective so you don’t find yourself always listening to the first few tracks.

Another very good use for the DVD is to bring it into the office and use it for those moments when you need to spend just five minutes breathing, taking your stress levels down, and re-energising for the work ahead. I find it surprisingly helpful for this purpose and would recommend the DVD for anyone who needs a moment to themselves during a hectic working day.

The only drawback I found with Classical Atmospheres is that after a good few minutes watching and listening my feet started to itch, I wanted to get up from my desk, pack my rucksack, and go for a hike in a nearby forest. For now though the mental  five minute getaway will just have to do, at least I’m breathing again...

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