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Reviewed by Ceri Balston   
Thursday, 25 September 2008

This fascinating film explores the miraculous qualities of the world’s most common substance, water. It’s remarkable that for something that we are surrounded by, and makes up a large portion of our own bodies, we know so little about it. In ‘Water’ we get an insight into some of the latest discoveries and theories about this substance that holds the very key to life on earth.

‘Water’ features discoveries by researchers from across the globe including Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Britain, Austria, Japan (Dr Masaru Emoto), Argentina, China and Tibet. They are all searching to understand water, something which the scientific community has only just admitted that it knows so little about.

At the heart of the film is a relatively new hypothesis that suggests that water has memory and that any substance or energy that it comes into contact with it leaves a trace in the water. Although its chemical composition remains the same the structure of the water, how the molecules are arranged into what are called clusters, changes. It is this structure, according to the theory, that enables water to act as memory cells recording its entire history with the world.

This is a fascinating theory and if correct I think it is by far the most profound discovery of, well ever really. This could explain how all alternative healing techniques work, the power of prayer, and the effect that our emotions have on our physical wellbeing, to name but a few.

If you allow the film to sweep you along with this rather groundbreaking idea then it will have a profound impact upon you and the way you think about water and its relationship to you. I do however have many reservations with the science and the ‘evidence’ that is provided in the film to support this theory. Historical anecdotes along with interviews with a number of religious leaders and leading ‘water’ scientists such as Dr Masaru Emoto provide the evidence to back up the theory. It left me wandering whether I was watching a scientific documentary, or a spiritual one, but then maybe we’re just entering an age where science and spirituality are once again embracing each other to become a united exploration into the mysteries of life.

Despite my reservations with the science behind the movie a lot of it did resonate with me and has made me want to explore this theory in more depth myself. I have a new found respect for water and life, and I do even confess that I’ve even found myself saying a little blessing to a glass of tap water before drinking it. And I guess that anything that makes us stop and marvel at the very beauty and mystery of life and brings us back into the now, is more than worthwhile. ‘Water’ definitely achieves this, and for its ability to make you stop, think, and marvel, is film I highly recommend that everyone watches.

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