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Friday, 20 January 2006
Artists: Afro Celt Sound SystemAnatomic - Afro Celt Sound SystemThis fifth release from Afro Celt sees the band back to their very best. I was a bit disappointed with their last couple of albums but with "Anatomic" they have recaptured the sound of their debut and rediscovered the freshness and sincerity of sound that once again makes them a firm favourite, in fact I don't think I've listened to anything else for days.

As always Afro Celt Sound System have managed to embrace a whole myriad of musical cultures into a celebratory blend that sometimes soothes and at others whisks you away into a feet tapping fury. That's one of the keys for me, it's an album so perfect for so many occasions - whirl yourself into energy, sit back and chill or even keep your concentration going whilst at work. The music is never intrusive but simply feels like it's supposed to be there.

The first track "When I Still Needed You" is a classic Afro Celt album opener. Starting slowly the lone uilleann pipes underpinned by ethereal synths somehow makes you feel like you're witnessing dawn on both the African plains and in the green hills of Ireland. As the beats start to pulse you feel life beginning to stir, and as more instruments start joining in it feels like the dance of life itself - it's very magical and highly evocative.

Other highlights on the album for me are "Mojave", another whirling masterpiece, the title track "Anatomic" and the pumping rhythmical and highly energetic "Dhol Dogs".

My only issue with this album are with the tracks "Beautiful Rain" and "Mother" as they're the only one with lyrics that I can understand (its in English). Confused? Well I believe that there is something rather mysterious about truly feeling the meaning behind the lyrical nature of words you don't understand and I believe that this one of the keys to Afro Celts' success. It's a small criticism which you're welcome to ignore by all means.

The real success of this album though is the way that all the tracks slot together into a smooth cohesion. All too often these day's albums have a couple of decent tracks (like the singles that prompted you to buy it in the first place) but then the littering of weak ones means that the whole thing just doesn't hold together and leaves you feeling rather empty and ripped off. This however is the kind of album that demands that you listen to it from beginning to end and by the time it's finished you almost have to sigh in satisfaction (and reach for the remote to press play again of course!)

So, you're a fan and it's not in your collection yet - go buy it now, you won't be disappointed! If you're intrigued but haven't had a chance to get to know Afro Celts' music then this is a great place to start, I promise that you also won't be disappointed.
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