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Reviewed by Harmonious Living   
Thursday, 29 June 2006
Artist: Ravi ChawlaI was a little bit sceptical when I first came to listen to this CD; there are after all a number of very bad examples of chillout music on the market. On this CD however I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how carefully crafted and well produced the music was, and yes, it was very relaxing.

I think that all of us could do with more music in our collection that serves the sole purpose of giving us a chance to take time out from our busy schedules. I'm not talking about that favourite Norah Jones CD of yours that you like to sing-a-long with. No, I mean music that actively encourages the listener to participate in the relaxation process. To get the most out of this collection you need to stop everything, sit or lie comfortably and let you mind drift with the gentle swaying of the music.

The majority of the instruments in the eleven tracks appear to be acoustic with only the occasional electronically synthesized addition, but they don't distract from the quality of the music. All of the tracks are well composed, have enough variety and have arrangements of instruments and sounds that create delightful soundscapes in the listeners mind.

The main quality that music of this genre must possess is to not engage the listener too actively with specific melodies or instruments but to create an environment in which the listeners mind switches off active thought and encourages a meditative state of mind. This CD I believe achieves this rather well.
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