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Reviewed by Ceri Balston   
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
Artist: Kellerman
ColourSouth Africa's premier flautist Kellerman (aka Wouter Kellerman) brings us his long awaited debut album, 'Colour'. From the very first note this is one of those CDs that you just know will be glued to your CD player for months to come. Relaxing, fun, soulful and joyful throughout 'Colour' is destined to be a timeless classic.

You can tell that one of Kellerman's passions, apart from music, is for the vibrant and diverse cultures that cover our world. Throughout the album he joyfully explores his own South African heritage (and Akrikaans roots in the final track 'Al Le Die Berge'), as well as delving into the rich and passionate world of the Argentinean Tango, whilst Spanish and Irish themes also abound.

Highlight tracks include the beautifully seductive and sultry tango 'Vuelvo al Sur' which just oozes with South American passion, 'Told U So' a lively and cheeky South African number and 'Quisas, quisas, quisas' the Lila Downs song made popular by the film Tortilla Soup. Having chosen those tracks I do have to say that every time I listen to 'Colour' I keep changing my mind about my favourites, the CD is just that good with tracks appropriate for all times and moods.

In this album Kellerman is joined on many of the tracks by Paul Whellock and Mauritz Lotz on guitars with artists such as Nianell, Veronique (of Idols fame) and Salome Sechele, amongst others, adding their considerable vocal talents.

Listen to samples from 'Colour'

Vuelvo al Sur

Told U So

Quisas, quisas, quisas
One of the most striking features of 'Colour' is that everything feels so personal, and throughout there is an overriding sense of fun, you can just tell that these musicians enjoy jamming together.

Also impressive is the very high production quality, I wasn't surprised then find then that this is in part due to Kellerman securing Husky Höskulds to mix 'Colour' for him, a man who has won Grammy's for his work with Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow.

If anyone is wondering how versatile and how beautiful the flute can be then this is the perfect CD to listen to. I don't think I've ever heard such graceful, gentle and lyrical playing, combined with a sense joyful fun and heartfelt expression. In the sleeve notes Kellerman ends by thanking his parents who after taking him to a symphony concert asked 'Which instrument would you like to play?', I'm certainly glad he chose the flute.

So if you're looking for something to add to your collection that will help you unwind at the end of busy and stressful day, one that will make you forget all your troubles, put a smile back on your face and even get you dancing around the house, then look no further than 'Colour'.

Colour is available from all Look & Listen stores and Salon Music in Pretoria. Visit for more information, upcoming gigs, news and listen to the entire album.
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