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Friday, 02 December 2005
Artists: VariousLullabies from Mother AfricaI had heard a lot of good things about this CD and I had hoped to be stunned by a beautiful collection of lullabies that would magically take me to a place of dreamy sleep. Although all the songs are charming the way they are arranged left me with a rather soporific and empty disappointment.

The two singers do do a great job with all eleven tracks on this collection and the lilting quality of their voices are suited well to the songs. Highlights are the classic "Thula thu baba" which everyone should know and "malaika".
What completely ruins this CD for me is the backing music and the presence of synthesized instruments, especially strings. I hope you agree with me when I say that beautiful voices and artificial instruments don't make for a pleasing juxtaposition.

Putting the negative aspects aside the overall quality of the collection is very serene and gentle, I certainly found myself feeling very relaxed and rather sleepy after to listening to it. If you have kids who have have trouble sleeping or indeed if you do then you might find that this works for you.
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