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Reviewed by Maitre Gajjar   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Artists: Various
Release by: Sony BMG

Music for DrivingDriving in the Johannesburg traffic at times brings my patience and generally good mood to its knees, and I'm sure it's not just me who's thinks that each day it takes longer to get to work. I was very grateful then to discover this auditory survival tool and have my growing road rage quickly eased.

Music For Driving contains over an hour of the best Classical music that seems to just melt away the kilometres. Many of the tunes are very well known and so it's like driving with old friends, you can sing and hum along together, the stress lines gently ease away. The impatient taxi that cuts across me is no longer my enemy thanks to the Brindisi from Verdi's La Traviata and the carefree pedestrian who runs into my path no longer increases my blood pressure tenfold. In fact, I hope he or she gets to where they’re going on time, and who do I thank for this, none other than Handel and his Water Music!

I was initially a bit doubtful that a freshly packaged collection of old classics could affect my mental state while driving, however I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased that Mozart, Delibes and Bach, to mention a few, have transformed my stressful and testing driving experience into a much calmer, more relaxed and very uplifting collection of chilled vehicular moments as the kilometres go by.

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Bach's Vivace on a recent drive to the airport. A trip that would normally take an hour of stop-start traffic and searching for alternate routes was metamorphised into a pleasant thirty minute drive into the mountains (well that's what it felt like)… Granted this does take a little imagination on your part also, but won’t be difficult with such legendary voices to keep you company.

Although these great composers did not compose their pieces for everyday drivers stuck in traffic, they have inadvertently made what I believe is the one kind of music that can bring motorists the kind of peace we’ve never experienced and perhaps did not even know we were searching for.

You may be a quick tempered motorist or consider yourself mild mannered, either way I'm sure you'll benefit from this soothing collection of masterful pieces. It’s quite simple: if you drive buy this CD. You will find yourself thanking every beautiful note as it whisks you away to a happier place faster than your driving does!

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