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Friday, 02 June 2006
Artist: Nawang KhechogUniversal Love - Nawang KhechogNawang Khechog takes listeners on a musical pilgrimage into the experience of compassion through music. Nine original compositions meld the ancient ritual sounds of Nawang's Tibetan homeland with traditions from across the globe to invoke within us the uplifting power of universal love.

Wow, this is great stuff! An immaculately recorded CD that makes you feel, right from the first striking of the singing bowl, as if you are stepping through the mystical mountains of Tibet on dew filled morning.

Over a gentle chorus of singing bowls, wind chimes, drones and deep quietly booming drum Nawang Khechog magically weaves his floating wandering melodies. In this first track you get a glimpse of what it must be like to live as a Buddhist monk and spend the day meditating, what glorious peace!

The second track, which for me is the highlight, is introduced by the Tibetan long horn (doongchen), also features some incredibly deep and powerful overtone singing that has to be heard to be believe, I didn't realise that humans could sing that low! Over this we hear the steady chanting of an eight-century prayer of universal love and compassion that was chanted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and thousands of high lamas, hermits, monks, nuns and lay people at His Holiness's temple, in Dharamsala, India.

The comprehensive sleeve notes of the CD provide a translation of all the chants. The essence of the prayer of universal love;

"May I become a servant when there is a need to serve others.
May I become a bridge and ship when there is a need for crossing.
May I become food, drink, medicine, doctor, and nurse,
When there is famine and disease.
May I become the source of life, like the earth and other elements,
and serve all those infinite beings until they go beyond conditions and suffering
and find lasting freedom and happiness."

Without going on to describe the beauty of each nine tracks on this album and describe to you how each moved me I'll just sum up and say - this is a great CD, especially if you're looking for some kind of escapism from your hectic life or maybe just want to bring balance into it.
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