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Reviewed by Harmonious Living   
Tuesday, 02 August 2005
Artists :Afro Celt Sound SystemVolume 1 - Afro Celt Sound SystemI would hope by now that everyone has heard of this incredible band, and in some way, has had a chance to experience their uniquely magical music.

For the uninitiated Afro Celts music, is as the names suggests an eclectic blend of cultures; African, Celtic and although not in the name, Asian music. Irish uilleann pipes play together with the West-African kora, Turkish doudouk, and many other soul stirring instruments all under-pinned by keyboards and guitar. The resulting sound is a blend of such pure harmony that you wonder why all our cultures in the world can't communicate as freely as these instruments do.

Volume 1 Sound Magic is obviously the first of their releases and I believe to be their best. You can very much consider this to be a journey, as all parts of your body, mind and soul are taken around the world and through the planes. Some of the tracks like the opening Soar / Free are pure chill out allowing meditation of the mind, with others like Whirl-Y-Reel stirring you off the couch and into action, spinning your mind round and round the room. Its simply breathtaking stuff, a CD that you're guaranteed to never tire of.

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