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Learn to Meditate
Learn to MeditateMeditation is a one the most effective ways to bring balance and harmony into your life. In this series of free podcasts The Meditation Society of Australia provides a series of guided meditations to help us cope with the stress of everyday living.
Great Speeches in History
Great Speeches in HistoryThis podcast is devoted to the great thinkers, statesman and other public orators that have graced us throughout history with their words. Many self-help gurus suggest immersing yourself in the lives of successful people and what better way to do this than by listening to their famous speeches.
My Thought Coach
My Thought CoachStin Hansen, the creator of the hugely popular Meditation Station, is following up that success with a powerful new podcast series that aims to help people train their sub conscious mind through the simple use of affirmations. This is one of the most useful and important podcasts currently being syndicated on the internet and one that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.
ZencastIf you're interested in the Buddhist teachings or just in spiritual practise in general then you will enjoy these popular podcasts. The discussion topics vary from life issues such as anger and doubt, to Buddhist teachings such as mindfulness and the four noble truths and also include guided meditations.
YOGAmazing - with Chad RoughDo you find it hard to get to your yoga class regularly? Looking for an alternative to the gym? Well the incredibly popular YOGAmazing podcast might just be is the answer for you. Download the videos for free and join the class in the comfort of your own home whenever you want.
Meditation Station
Meditation StationStressed? Need some focus? Some stillness? Just press play. These regular meditations are designed to turn your desires into reality and still some of the craziness. Your guide: Stin Hansen.
Treehugger TV
Treehugger TVI'm relatively new to the world of podcasting but was really impressed when I came across this hip, current and very happening eco podcast. The content of each cast, which vary in length from under a minute up to around five minutes, is varied and covers a wide variety of topics. What you get - easily digestible bite sized chunks of information to encourage you to become more eco friendly.
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