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Connie Limon   
Friday, 30 January 2009

Super-Easy Spa Treatments You Can Do at HomeToday's spa treatments deliver more than pampering and making your skin buttery smooth. Today's treatments include the extra benefits of:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Even better sex

Get a great night's sleep
You can help relieve insomnia if you time your spa treatments just right. Do relaxation moves in the morning and not just at the time in the evening when you feel they may help you rest better. The idea behind this is to ward off stress before you start tossing around in bed.

  • Do quick moves to keep stress-related cortisol levels low.
  • Sprinkle some rose oil into your morning shower gel (this scent is calming without causing drowsiness).
  • Angle the showerhead so the water hits between your shoulder blades (resembles a mini massage) to loosen up any stiffness.
  • During the day, press the area between your thumb and index finger every so often (this pressure point is what slows your heart rate).

In the evening:

  • Give yourself a soothing foot rub, and do this as a ritual to help take your mind off the day.
  • Work lavender oil into your feet.
  • Press your thumb into your arch and run it down to your toes.
  • Squeeze the sides of your feet with your palm.
  • Rotate your feet in slow circles to help you unwind.
  • Then fall back into the sheets.

Boost your energy

  • Exfoliate your body to make your skin smooth.
  • New buffing techniques actually stimulate your blood flow making you more energised afterwards.
  • For an extra boost, take a dry loofah or body brush and sweep it over your skin. Work your way up from the ankles. This helps to flake off your top layer. It also speeds circulation.
  • Now, combine 4 tablespoons of sea salt and a splash of olive oil with a few crushed mint leaves. Rub the mixture all over your body as a zesty exfoliant. Rinse it all off. Apply body cream. The secret to applying the body cream is to massage it into key acupressure points. Run the body cream over the backs of your knees, gently squeeze it into your shoulders and then pat it down your legs. The sensations should be "tingly and alive”.

Facial Tricks

  • Mist your face with a refreshing tonic to get a lift any time.
  • Fill an 80ml spray bottle with water, squeeze in a fresh orange, add the zest from the peel. The citrus helps to replenish your skin. The aroma perks you up and makes you feel more alive and alert.

Tension Release Tricks

  • To ease tension in neck and shoulders, treat yourself to a tea-towel massage.
  • Roll up a few bags of chamomile tea in a steamed hand towel (dip in hot water and wring out).
  • Wrap it around your neck.
  • Rub it from side to side.
  • The tea scent relaxes your muscles.
  • The heat may help to loosen up any stiffness.
  • Hold this for five seconds.
  • Repeat on the left side.
  • The entire routine helps to undo tension in the lower neck, so you may actually feel a little looser all over.

Source: Buford A. 5 Sexy New Spa Tricks. Cosmopolitan [serial online]. August 2008;245(4):97. Available from: MAS Ultra - School Edition, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 1, 2008. vbb

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