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Susan Zummo   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009
2012 - Change Or Calamity?Is 2012 another Y2K in the making? Are the predictions based in fact or doomsday fantasy? What's really going to happen in 2012 and what will the world look like in 2013? It seems as though everyone has a book, movie or seminar filled with predictions geared to answer those questions. While there is no absolute agreement regarding what will happen, everyone seems to agree on when these events will happen. Before we can enjoy the promise of 2013, we will first need to navigate 2012.

December 21, 2012 is the singular point in time where all the predictions for change converge. So let's look at what some of the experts say will happen at that time.

We must begin with the Maya whose long count calendar will end on that date. The Maya, most often sited when making 2012 predictions, measured cycles of purpose through time in creating their calendars. For the Maya living day to day there would be multiple calendars keeping track of personal and community cycles. The cycle we are in now, referred to as a long count cycle, comes to conclusion at the end of life as we know it so that we can begin a new cycle and new life. The Maya do not necessarily say that life will end; only that it will end in the way we know it to be. That means life will change.

The Mayan cycles of time become shorter with each repetition and speed up as human consciousness awakened. In her book The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, Barbara Hand Cloud references the Maya cycles and notes an evolutionary leap at the close of each cycle.

Marie D. Jones, in her book 2013, references Robert Anton Wilson's Acceleration of Knowledge Theory in which he logarithmically describes the intervals of time between the invention of information processing systems and their actual development. Wilson's theory basically says that the interval of time from the conception of an information system and its actual release to the public get shorter and shorter with each cycle until a singularity is achieved. Wilson theorized (back in 1988) that the cycles double in time throughout history and that each doubling is coming faster and faster. This snowball effect corresponds with the Maya perception of time speeding up.

Think of a bouncing ball as it approaches its resting point. As the ball bounces up and down, the distance between the apexes of the ball's arc to the floor becomes shorter and shorter. The ball bounces faster and faster as the number of bounces increases and approaches an infinite number of bounces (or cycles) before it comes to rest. For those living on the bouncing ball, time would appear to be speeding up until life as they know it stopped all together.

Thomas McKenna's Novelty Theory describes this phenomenon by plotting novelty and complexity along a curve (called a Time Wave) that approaches a singularity (or omega point) in which everything and anything a human mind can conceive will occur simultaneously. To find out more and try out Time Wave software Google Fractal Time 7.1

Michael Drosnin's Bible Code says that we will have meteor strikes during 2012.

The Orion Prophesy by Patrick Geryl notes the shifting of our magnetic poles in 2012.

Alexander Setchin in 1976 predicted the 12th planet of our solar system referred to today as Planet X or Nibiru. In a frequently referenced article at dated October 7, 1999 "A Mystery Revolves Around the Sun", an unseen planet or failed star with a solar orbit of 2 trillion miles is proposed by two teams of researchers. Many proponents of Planet X believe that the fly-by of this planet will cause increased gravitational effects, tidal waves, flooding, earthquakes and increased volcanic activity.

We must also add to this mix those who believe that extra-terrestrial beings are also involved, whether for good or ill, to facilitate the changes ahead and that our government is aware/involved/blocking/plotting their own course for the turmoil ahead. Keep and open mind when looking into the "E.T. factor". Many respected scientists and astronauts have spoken out about their experiences and YouTube has become a resource for these video blog testimonials.

Whether or not you accept any of the predictions or theories regarding 2012 as fact, one thing remains constant. The Maya, the astrologers, the scientists, the conspiracy theorists, the spiritualists and the film makers all agree on one thing.

2012 and specifically December 21, 2012 is that singularity point where all the predictions converge.

At this time we are being urged to move from a consciousness where individuals are motivated to act based on the greater good of their group (age, gender, community, locale, religious/political belief) to soul consciousness in which the Law of One governs our actions to join with one another and connect our purpose with our Source's purpose.

We are on the brink of reaching critical mass for change. We must use our free will in this time when thoughts come into physical manifestation quicker than at any time before to bring about positive change. We have a responsibility to create a positive inclusive world view and move away from the divisive fearful world view we have labored under.

So to begin our journey towards 2013 (because I believe that we will live past 2012) and all that brings with it, we must set our intent or goal. Intention is the supercharger of the future. I believe in the Law of One (we are all connected through spirit) and that this is way to bring about a peaceful change and a better life for everyone - not just me in my little corner of the world.

Set your intent for the future and connect with others of like mind and purpose to positively influence the greater world. Meditate with others of like mind; join your intent with theirs to make a difference. Regardless of what may happen in 2012 if we are working and living together cooperatively, we all arrive at the future we dream of in 2013.

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is a certified Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) facilitator, Integrated Awareness graduate, Soma Pi™ healing practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Interfaith Minister. With over 20 years of experience, Susan has been helping clients connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops.

Susan became a P.A.T. facilitator over 8 years ago and has helped many students gain access to their intuition via soul contact. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source. Her workshop participants regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan's professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Most of her students come to her through the glowing recommendations of former students. For more information on classes and private sessions contact Susan by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; on line at:

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