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Wednesday, 04 November 2009
Soul Memories, Health, Karma and YouAs we go through life, we encounter events and circumstances that are not always pleasant. Most of the time we learn our lessons, lick our wounds and move on. Sometimes we don’t, and those are the ones that give us the most grief down the line.

Soul memories are memories from past lives that resurface in our present. They are triggered by something that reminds us subconsciously of the initial events. Such events have resulted in traumas that were never healed in the lifetime in which they occurred, their lessons of spiritual growth never learned. Instead, they attach themselves to our spiritual bodies and wait for us to complete them.

How are soul memories carried from one lifetime into the next?

Just as we have genetic DNA that is carried down through generations, there is something analogous on the energy plane, which I refer to as “Spiritual DNA”. Spiritual DNA is energy that carries the soul memories from lifetime to lifetime. Spiritual DNA resides in the Spiritual Body, the primary energy body that forms the template for the other energy bodies that make up the aura and, eventually, the physical body. The physical body is formed by both genetic DNA and Spiritual DNA.

When trauma happens, the Spiritual Body responds by creating Spiritual DNA attached to that life event. This Spiritual DNA triggers an outer chakra to open, a chakra located somewhere within the aura (not within the physical body). When the trauma is healed, the extra chakra closes and, for all intents and purposes, disappears. When a lifetime ends, the Spiritual Body, including all chakras existing at the time of transition, as well as the related Spiritual DNA, continues on, eventually resulting in a new physical body.

Our soul memories come into play when we meet someone we knew in a past life, or we experience an emotion that reminds us of one left uncompleted from a past life (karma, those unlearned lessons). When a soul memory is triggered, the chakra created in the past life reopens, and the energy from that past life rushes in. This energy includes emotional memories that can alter our DNA in this lifetime, as well as affecting our reactions and our ability to make decisions, creating pain, illness and emotional problems.

How do soul memories create physical problems in the present lifetime?

Let’s look at four cases:

Case #1:

Bob came to me complaining of chronic and debilitating pain in his hip, for which his doctors could find no cause. I saw psychically that in a previous lifetime he had experienced a broken hip from a fall that resulted in his becoming completely dependent upon his family. In that lifetime, he never came to terms with the emotions resulting from his loss of independence, and a chakra was created in his spiritual body. So, when--in his present lifetime--Bob lost his job and had to depend upon his family for support, the pain of his past life injury was triggered. When I closed off that chakra and cut off the energy flowing into his present from that past lifetime, he felt instant relief. However he still had to learn to deal with the issue of being dependent upon others.

Case #2:

A year ago, Annette came to me at age 22. She was born with lung problems and had had problems breathing her entire life. Whenever she got excited or scared, she suddenly couldn’t breathe. None of the doctors she had consulted as an adult could find any problem with her lungs or any reason for the breathing problems. Once we entered into her past lives, however, we found a past life in which she died as a young woman in a fire. The trauma of losing her life at a young age and in that particular way had never had a chance to heal. When I cleared the chakra and helped her to release the trauma, her breathing problems immediately cleared, and for the past year they have not recurred.

Case #3:

A young man named Chuck had developed unexplained patterns of lumps across his abdomen, and they had been there for ten years. After going into his past lives I found that he had been trampled by a horse and had broken his ribs in one past life and consequently died from that injury. When I told Chuck of that past life trauma, he confessed he was deathly afraid of horses and had a terrible allergy to them. He said that ten years prior he had gone horseback riding. The experience had been horrible, and the lumps appeared soon after, though he had never made the connection.

Within ten hours of clearing the energy and the chakras left over from that lifetime, all the lumps were gone. Chuck has since told me that now he can be around horses without experiencing any allergic reactions.

In my practice, I have found that a lot of emotional issues, especially in women, stem from dominance and control in a past life. For example:

Case #4:

Susan came to me for relief of abdominal pain and digestive problems. I quickly saw that the cause was that she was continually in abusive relationships. She had been abused as a child and, as an adult, made poor relationship choices. She wanted this to stop.

When I went into Susan’s last few lifetimes, I saw she had been in situations in which she was always being dominated, having very little power and no control. When we went into the soul memories from her past three lifetimes, it was obvious that she had unresolved issues about being in a female body and not having any authority or being respected. In the present lifetime, again in a female body, all of her spiritual memories were those of being powerless and disrespected.

In Susan’s immediate-prior lifetime, the man she was with had been extremely abusive and disrespectful. He had actually used a branding iron to brand her as his property. The trauma of that branding stayed within her soul memories and manifested into her present body as a very large birthmark on her butt that was oddly shaped as a circle with a line through it.

In her present lifetime, Susan ended up marrying the same man again, and the lesson she had to learn was to be able to stand up to him and leave. As we worked through the emotional issues of power, authority and respect, she was finally able to leave abusiveness behind and divorce him. Her digestive problems stopped, and, six months after the divorce, the birthmark had disappeared.

How are soul memories triggered?

All of our memories from past lives are stored within our Spiritual DNA, which is the energy that is the basis of our subconscious mind. And they are triggered through our chakra system, which is the source of life energy for our bodies.

Chakras are funnel-shaped portals where energy enters or exits the body. We have numerous types and sizes of chakras, and they feed energy into a grid of channels throughout the body called meridians. It is these meridians that have been studied extensively that are used in traditional Asian medicine, including acupuncture and acupressure.

Most chakras are normal and necessary for healthy physical functioning. However, chakras formed as a result of physical or emotional trauma are not. Instead of feeding energy into the organized power grid of the body, they allow it to leak, or pour in or out unexpectedly, and pain, disease or dysfunction eventually results—just as a power line going down in a storm can bring down an electrical grid.

We trigger a soul memory when the aura senses a familiar type of Spiritual DNA nearby, and we have numerous triggers for every emotional issue we carry. For each type of DNA, the chakra has an associated receptor. When Spiritual DNA similar to our own emotional issue is present, there is a resonance within the appropriate receptor around the chakra. The chakra responds by either closing, to shut out energy, or opening, to bring it into the body, depending upon the issue. The energy can be from a past life, as well as from the present. When chakras close or open inappropriately, energy meridians in the body are affected; illness and disease set in. Once we have learned the lesson associated with that particular trauma—that is, we’ve dealt with the emotional issue underlying the trauma—the receptors disconnect from that chakra, and it no longer reacts when we sense that Spiritual DNA nearby.

Because they are often accompanied by feelings of familiarity, soul memories can also make you fall in love with someone you’ve known or been married to before, regardless of the nature of the previous relationship. When all the emotions from that past life become triggered, you can even end up married to them (again), as Susan did!

That leads us into a discussion of karma—learning life’s lessons—the topic of a future article.

As a medical intuitive and psychic for more than 20 years, Sherry Hopson ( specializes in helping clients deal with the effects of soul memories, memories from our past lives that can affect all aspects of our present lives, but especially our physical health.

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