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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Speaking with the Angels  An Interview with Doreen VirtueDoreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. She is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels books/angel cards.

Harmonious Living chatted with Doreen in anticipation of her upcoming tour to South Africa to find out how we find out how angels can help us, how we can get in touch with our angels, and what people can expect in her workshops.

HL: You describe yourself as being a spiritual doctor – can you tell us a bit about this and the work you do?

Doreen Virtue: My mother is a spiritual healer and she raised my brother and myself to use prayers, visualizations, and affirmations to heal everything – from scraped knees to school grades. I watched my mother fix her automobile and washing machine with her spiritual healing methods. Later, she had a private practice specializing in healing eye problems especially cataracts.  So is it any wonder that I followed in her footsteps? I blended my university and hospital training as a psychotherapist with my mother’s spiritual healing teachings. But most of the principles that I follow come from the information and teachings I receive in my meditations; while conducting classes, healings, and readings; and the downloads the angels give me while I’m dreaming.

HL: We read on your website that at first you were ignoring the messages your angels were giving you – what made you start listening?

Doreen Virtue: I started listening when I almost lost my life from ignoring them! On July 15, 1995, I was on my way to an appointment when a loud male angel voice warned me that my car would be stolen if I didn’t put up the convertible top. The voice repeated this warning three times. But the motor on my car’s top was broken and I didn’t have the strength to put the top up by myself. So I instead drove to the appointment  while praying and praying for protection.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I was accosted by two armed men who tried to steal my car and purse. I believe that if the top had been up on my car, they wouldn’t have noticed it. But the car was flashy with its top down, so the angels were correct.

Fortunately – even though I’d ignored the angels, they were still with me! The same male angel’s voice said to me, “Scream with all your might, Doreen!” And THAT’S when I listened! The guidance worked, as my screams attracted the attention of people in the building where I was having a meeting, and the people’s presence chased the two men away.

It was a terrifying experience as you can imagine, but I was so fortunate that the angels had protected me. I literally got down on my knees in the parking lot and thanked God, and asked him how I could repay him for saving my life. I was clearly told, “Go teach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, that the angels are real.” So that’s what I started doing on July 16, 1995 and I haven’t stopped since.

HL: Does everyone have an angel or angels?

Doreen Virtue: As a lifelong clairvoyant, I can see the energy of angels around every person without exception. It’s obvious that many people don’t listen to their angels or the world wouldn’t have violence or greed. My role is to help people to hear and communicate with their angels, so that they receive clear divine guidance to help them with their family, career, health, relationships, spiritual path, and other important life areas.

HL: Can we see angels as well as hear them? If so, how do we recognise them?

Doreen Virtue: My surveys around the world show that most people experience their angels as feelings and intuition. And yes, everyone has the ability to see angels; in fact, that’s one of the things that I teach in my classes. Angels are energies which form cohesive shapes that are similar to the Renaissance paintings. I believe many artists are clairvoyant, and that’s where they draw their inspiration in painting images of angels.

For many people, they see angels initially as sparkling or flashing lights, either white or different colors. It’s like seeing a flash bulb of a camera from out of nowhere, or like seeing shimmering  showers of sparkling light.

HL: How do we go about hearing messages from our angels?

Doreen Virtue: The first step is to ask the angels a question. The second step is to notice everything that happens right after you ask that question: notice physical or emotional feelings; notice your thoughts; any visions in your mind’s eye; any words that you hear . . .and then notice physical signs such as seeing feathers, or hearing a significant song on the radio. The angels always answer us, but we have to notice their answers. I f you don’t understand the answer, then you have to ask the angels to clarify and explain further until you do understand – just like you would when conversing with a person.

HL: After making contact with our angels how can we expect to be helped?

Doreen Virtue: God, Jesus and the angels aren’t allowed to interfere with our free will. So they can only help us with our permission. Most of the time, that’s what you’ll be doing when contacting the angels: asking for help. It doesn’t matter HOW you ask for help, but that you DO ask for help. So it can be through prayer, visualization, spoken aloud, written, and so forth. The words you use aren’t important. What matters is sincerity and speaking  your true feelings.

After we ask for help, God and the angels will either directly intervene or they will give you divine guidance – which is a set of internal instructions on how you can answer your prayer. The guidance will either come through your feelings, thoughts, visions, or words that you hear (or a combination thereof). The angels also send signs from above, which means seeing or hearing a message repeatedly though things like three different people recommending the same book to you in the same week.

If we follow our divine guidance, we’ll always be safe and protected. If we ignore the guidance, then our life won’t seem so wonderful.

HL: Do we share angels with others or are they unique to us?

Doreen Virtue: You have your own personal guardian angels who are unique to you. They’re with you from birth until death. And then you’ll have additional angels come and go throughout your life who are specialists in whatever you’re currently experiencing:  birth of a child, health issues, relationship changes, and so forth. Many people also work with Archangels, who are the overseers or managers of guardian angels. These archangels (the famous ones are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel) are unlimited beings who can help multiple people simultaneously.

At my workshops, I help audience members to identify which angels are with them, and to receive messages from these angels.

HL: Why are some people more able to hear their angels than others and do we all have the ability to hear our angels?

Doreen Virtue: Everyone DOES hear their angels, but if you’re intimidated to make healthy life changes, then you’ll block out the angels’ guidance. The angels always ask us to improve our lives, grow, learn, and share with others. They’d never ask us to do something that we couldn’t do or which possibly could hurt others.

HL: “Do angels visit us and give us messages in our dreams? And if they do how do we tell the difference between a normal dream and one with more significance?”

Doreen Virtue: Angels frequently visit us in our dreams to give us messages. A long-term study conducted at the University of Virginia found that "visitation dreams" were much more vivid, powerful, and memorable than "regular dreams." Sometimes the angel will actually appear in the dream, but more frequently, we'll wake up with answers and guidance that we were praying about ... and these were conveyed to us in the dream.

HL: In South Africa (as well as in the rest of the world) many people experience trauma, can angels help people to overcome the negative effects of trauma?

Doreen Virtue: Oh yes! The angels help us to face our deepest feelings as a way of releasing trauma from our bodies, minds, and souls. They help us to get to the core feelings, so that we don’t hold onto the trauma anymore.  And more than anything, the angels help us to recover a sense of personal and global safety and security.

HL: You’re conducting workshops in your upcoming trip to South Africa – what can attendees expect?

Doreen Virtue:  I want people to make up their own minds as to whether angels are real or not, and I do this by creating an atmosphere where people can experience the angels for themselves. It’s not enough for me to lecture about angels (although I do a bit of that). I much prefer to guide the audience to meet their own angels, to receive messages from their angels, and to experience healings with the angels. I also conduct angel readings for some audience members, as a way of teaching how to hear the angels’ messages. My goal is always to have a healing and empowering experience that will give audience members real answers and help. Oh, and I also try to keep my workshops fun and entertaining, because most of us don’t like to get bored.

HL: Apart from your workshops do you offer anything else for people to learn about and to help them to get in touch with their angels?

Doreen Virtue: I have a series of podcasts on my website that people can instantly download for very low costs (starting at one US dollar) so that they can learn about and experience the angels at home. The podcasts cover such topics as healing, relationships, finances, overcoming addictions, and connecting with the archangels.

Doreen Virtue is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the 'Angels and Messages from Your Angels' books/angel cards. Visit her website for more information. Doreen Virtue will be touring South Africa in October conducting workshops in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
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