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Uta Roggendorf   
Thursday, 29 October 2009
What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? - image by daphne01 ( I got involved with spirituality myself, I always believed that there was something greater out there, an energy that keeps it all together. However, spiritual people, in my view, were a mix of hippies, gypsies, nature-loving slightly crazy people. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Being spiritual is about being aware of the part of you that is with this greater energy that some refer to as God, the Universe, Source, etc. And it is not about meditating every day, surrounding yourself only with like-minded people, having crystals and smudge sticks around you. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these things!

Being spiritual means being aware of this connection to divine source, to the higher realms. Spirit is part of us; it is the essence in us that transcends life and death. Our spirit comes from a place of eternal love, compassion, and understanding. It’s relatively easy to feel this connection when you’re meditating. What truly transforms your life is when you can draw your attention to your connection to spirit in every moment of your life, especially the tough ones.

In our current society (at least in the western world) we are usually raised in a way that doesn’t encourage the inclusion of our spirit in our lives. It’s a rationale world based on science with little place for intuition, sixth sense, and psychic realms. However, as soon as you reconnect with the spirit in you, life transforms from being a struggle to a meaningful and often happier experience.

It is not about desperately following every spiritual trend out there – and there are always plenty of those. It is also not about judging yourself for not being spiritual in every single moment. It’s fair to say that there are no many people alive at the moment who are able to do this.

What you can gain from spirituality is a deeper and broader understanding about who you are and who all these other people are. We are all from the same source and there really is no distinction between you and the next person along other than the illusion that we are separate. I’m sure you’ll have read these words elsewhere many times. When you suddenly fully understand, perhaps for only a split second, what the implication of this statement is, then your life begins to transform as if suddenly someone’s raised the curtain and you can see the full stage.

I used to view others as a threat. Everyone was out to get me, whether it was work colleagues, people on the road, shop assistants, doctors, or anyone else I would encounter. My first assumption was nearly always that they were a threat. I also used to judge others for their beliefs and preferences. For example, if someone wasn’t dressed up to the latest trend, I used to view them as inferior. And suddenly by becoming more spiritual, i.e. by being more connected with the spirit in me, I understood that nobody was out to get me. It was just a belief I had picked up somewhere along the way. And the way other people acted, behaved, or dressed was just their personal choice of expressing themselves in this lifetime.

When you become consciously aware of the spiritual part in you, life becomes easier. You learn to trust that everything happens for a higher reason, even if that is not immediately obvious. I have given God (which I usually refer to as this bigger energy) a blanket request to always arrange events in my life for my highest good. Something I can only highly recommend to everyone else. This ensures that all experiences always work out for you best and allow you to grow as spirit. You learn that even the unpleasant events in life have a positive side. Each ‘bad’ moment is an opportunity for you to connect with the spirit within and to view the situation not as a threat but as a positive event.

For example, imagine you have an important appointment but your day is going nothing like planned. You’re late driving off and you know you’re not going to make it. Instead you cancel the appointment. Later you find out that there was a serious accident on the route you would have taken, at the time you would have passed the spot of the accident. Suddenly what seemed to have been a very irritating and unfortunate day turned into a blessing.

When you are connected to spirit you can learn to view conflicts with other people in a different way. And once you’ve learned that, you can choose to react in a different way. You won’t believe what difference it makes to your level of happiness when you feel in control of your emotions and when you can deal with other people in a way that doesn’t leave you drained, upset, and disturbed for hours, or even days.

Every time you find your emotions turning into anything unpleasant (anger, frustration, rage, hate, fear, disappointment) stop yourself and ask yourself, “is this who I want to be and how I want to express myself in this moment”. And sometimes you’ll find that the answer is, “yes, actually I’m really mad right now”. And that’s fine. Slowly, however, you’ll hear a little voice inside of you go ‘no, I don’t want to come from a place of fear or hate. I want to choose to feel compassionate and loving towards myself and the other person’. That’s your spirit talking to you and reminding you that we are all one.

Being spiritual has changed my life for the better because I have gained another layer of understanding. And this allows me to feel more peaceful and happy and in control of my everyday life. In times like these, when conflict rages across the globe, the need for all of us to become a little more aware of our spiritual sides is greater than ever.

Uta Roggendorf is a certified IHSC Certified Higher Self Life Transformation Coach and Teacher. Her work is to teach people how to be their authentic self and to find inner peace in every moment of their lives.

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