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What's in that Lottery Ticket Anyway
What's in that Lottery Ticket AnywayNumerology predicts that certain numbers will show up in important combinations in your life again and again. You will literally draw them to you like a magnet. These numbers vibrate with you - are 'lucky' for you if you will.
Astrological Predictions for 2010 Based on Moon Signs
Astrological Predictions For 2010 Based On Moon SignsWhat does 2010 hold for you? Looking for guidance on wealth, health and family matters? Want to know what your lucky numbers for the year are? Then read Astro Sagar's Moon based predictions, the system of astrology used for making predictions in Vedic astrology.
The Significance of a Name
The Significance of a NameAccording to the “science” of Numerology, the name of an individual exerts an influence upon their character and potential (karma, or destiny). It is not the aim of this article to explain how the system works, but rather to invite the reader to examine the logic of such a contention.
Shamanic Rock Divination
Shamanic Rock DivinationIf our scientists are right, then the answers to the secrets of the universe are inherent in all things – even a rock - and nature will reveal herself in an infinite number of ways if we only look to her for answers.
Who Will Win the American Elections?
Who Will Win the American Elections?In the next week, all eyes will be on America as that nation elects its next president – the most powerful political figure in the world. The American elections have implications for the entire world, so we bring you the predictions of an American astrologer, who has looked at the candidates’ charts to work out who will occupy the Oval Office.
Drawing to Boost Psychic Intuition
Drawing to Boost Psychic IntuitionTurn your doodling tendencies into an opportunity to boost your psychic powers. Of course you might have to draw upside down, and with your left hand, but once you’ve stimulated that part of your brain, you never know what you’ll end up perceiving.
When to Consult a Clairvoyant
When to Consult a ClairvoyantSome people visit psychics every time they have a decision to make, while others are hesitant to consult them at all. The founder and director of the UK-based Circle of Professional Clairvoyants provides us with some tips for determining when a psychic’s insights could come in handy.
Make Better Choices Using Your Psychic Talents
Make Better Choices Using Your Psychic TalentsYou often rely on a first impression or a gut feeling to inform you how you feel about someone. These emotional responses are hints of psychic ability, and it’s possible to improve these skills to make better decisions in life.
Ten Common Dreams Decoded
Ten Common Dreams DecodedWhen you are in the dream state, you receive symbolic messages about your life, but it can making sense of these messages can be, well, a nightmare. We bring you an interpretation of the ten most common dream images.
The History of the Tarot
The History of the TarotAlthough many people use the tarot, few people know the origins of this divination tool. From possible creation in ancient Egypt to being used as a psychological tool by Jung and Freud, the tarot has been interwoven with European history for centuries.
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