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Jordan Cheng   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008
Drawing to Boost Psychic IntuitionCan you boost your psychic intuition with brain exercise? You'll find out shortly.

We are all intuitive creatures by design. Everyone is capable of varying degree of intuition. Research has found that high level of intuitive ability is a critical success factor in career and life. The question is: How to strengthen the muscle of your psychic intuition?

What is the brain exercise that can increase your intuitive power? The answer is: Drawing!
How can drawing increase your psychic intuition? First, let's understand this from the point of how drawing functions as a brain exercise.

Drawing is a whole skill that makes up of a group of component skills, namely, the skills of perception of:
  1. Edges
  2. Spaces
  3. Relationships
  4. Lights and shadows
  5. Whole, or gestalt
These perceptual skills become integrated into a whole skill that determines your ability to draw. Once you learn the principles of these skills, you can learn to draw relatively quickly.
In the process of learning to draw, your brain goes through a complex chain of brain exercises to learn how to control the way it handles information. The benefit of learning to draw is to link to other activities and the possibility of seeing things differently by tapping into your right-brain.

Understanding How Left-Brain and Right-Brain Work
Now, let's go a step further to explain what is right-brain and left-brain.

The right-brain relies on nonverbal cues to process perceptions. It's good at tasks that require the ability to see similarities, to make connections, to understand how parts fit together as a whole, and to perceive overall patterns instantaneously. It is capable of drawing insights that come from non-linear, multi-dimensional mode of brain exercise.

On the other hand, the left side of the brain excels at verbal, analytical, rational and logical tasks. It's the dominant buddy of the right-brain, taking over most of the brain's normal activities, especially when you are at serious work. It is the master of planning and systematic works. It has a penchant for using words to describe and define, figuring things out step by step, drawing conclusions based on facts and logic, and thinking in a linear way.

Despite being a linear thinker that has limited scope of thinking, the left-brain takes over most of our daily tasks. Only in situations when it finds a particular job undesirable, or if a certain task takes too much time, is too detailed or slow or simply too difficult, then the left side gives up.

If you want the right-brain, which is more creative and intuitive, to be involved more in your thinking process, you must create chances for it to participate. The trick is to present tasks in a way that discourage the left-brain, and hence create opportunities for the right-brain to demonstrate its capability.

When you engage in drawing, you create the chance for the right-brain to gain dominance. If you do it regularly as a hobby, drawing is a powerful brain exercise that can increases your psychic intuition.

A More Advanced Way to Use Drawing
One technique designed by Dr. Betty Edwards to develop subconscious intuitive power through drawing, is to draw with your non-dominant hand looking at images that are upside down.

The rationale is: This puts the left brain in a state of confusion so that it can't easily decipher shapes, loses its top-bottom orientation and is unable to attach labels and categorise them to match stored memories. This process creates an opportunity to integrate your right-brain and allows it to become dominant. When presented with a confusing image, the left-brain gives up and the right-brain takes over.

You have probably heard of the saying that the best way to deal with a challenging issue is to sleep on it.

This problem-solving tactics is based on the same argument discussed above. After a long hard day cracking at the problem without success, the left-brain is exhausted. This is the perfect chance for the intuitive and creative right-brain to flex its muscle. It will sneak into the thinking space and come up with solutions that seem to have come from "The Higher Mind".

By understanding how your brain works, you can maximize its psychic intuition capability with regular practice of this powerful brain exercise.

Jordan Cheng is the author of You can learn how to better develop your mind power to achieve Success and Wealth in life. He is contactable at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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