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Traditional Chinese Astrology
Chinese DragonAstrology is one of the most ancient of Chinese philosophies. With a complex mix of calendar cycles and associations to animals, Chinese astrology is as mysterious as it is effective. Unlike other disciplines, the culture embraces astrology with bright, wonderful celebrations and integrates beliefs into their everyday lives.
Shamanism, Healing, and Divination
Shamanism, Healing, and DivinationShamanism is not a system of belief or faith, it is a system of knowledge, and divination is one of the paths to gain direct knowledge. Direct knowledge can be defined as that which is experienced first hand by the senses.
Tarot Cards and Divination as a Cultural Fact Today
Tarot Cards and Divanation as a Cultural Fact TodayAt the risk of being overly simplistic, one can argue that there are two general ways of seeing things in this life: either you believe them or you don't. To believe is to make things real. For ages, humans have believed in the divinity of things and passed on these beliefs through storytelling from one generation, one culture to another.
Channeling From the Angels for Mankind for 2007
Channeling From the Angels for Mankind for 2007It is up to us to try where possible to develop a more tolerant and loving outlook towards each other. We are surrounded by visual motivation to be bigger and better and time is speeding up, however our souls require nurturing and we need to take quiet time out to reflect.
The Human Pin Code : What is it All About
The Human Pin Code : What is it All AboutWhen I first heard about the Human Pin Code I was very intrigued by the idea that my individual personality and processing style was imprinted in me on the day of my birth. According to Douglas Forbes, a physicist and author of The Human Pin Code, every person's own code can be worked out by using our birth date.
Heka, the Divine Magick
Heka, the Divine MagickIn ancient Egypt it was believed that words carried creative power and that through the use of Heka, we could become masters of our life and its path. Heka was a spiritual technology, which was used to realize the spark of Divinity in oneself and experience spiritual growth.
The New Planets in Astrology - Re-arranging our Cosmology
New PlanetsWith the International Astronomical Union redefining Pluto as a dwarf planet and including other newly-discovered cosmic bodies in this category, publishers face the exciting task of updating models and text books. Muqita explores the impact these changes will have upon Astrology.
What is Cheirology?
CheirologyThe science, art and craft of Cheirology is a synthesis of the ancient esoteric Chinese Buddhist hand analysis system and the best of traditional western Palmistry, expressed within the psychological idiom of our age, providing both a dialogue and a touch therapy.
Astrology for our Winter Solstice
Winter SolsticeSeasonal highlights such as the winter solstice are relevant to those astrologers who use these peak times to predict political and others events the world over. Do the astrological meanings pertaining to the current solstice have any significance to us as individuals or as a country? According to Muqita, most resoundedly, yes. So, what are the implications?
Astrology - Conditions Predicted for South Africa in 2006
AstrologyUnexpected good fortune is the overall potential and if South Africa forges ahead cautiously, the country is on the threshold of creating a new stability.
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